Saturday, October 23, 2010

Madame Jae's presents BIKINI BONANZA part 1


Craig Sheridan didn’t care WHERE he went away on vacation with his son Travis – he just wanted to go FAR AWAY from his demanding, overbearing boss, his shrill money grubbing ex-wife, and all of the traffic, smog, crime, bad TV, lame politicians, and other people he saw as wasting breath. All Craig wanted was a few weeks to spend time with his college bound son Travis before the kid headed off to school.

“Buddy, before you know it, you’ll be stuck like I am – behind a desk, saddled with a mortgage, and probably beholden to a wildebeest of a woman, like your mother. We’d kick ourselves if we didn’t take this opportunity to go somewhere new, somewhere exciting, and do things and experience life as we never have... And probably never will again,”

Craig glowers at his Blackberry as it sends him yet another memo from the boss. “I agree 110% Dad,” Travis said with smirk, “but I’d also like to go somewhere that hot women are showing off their bodies, and willing to show us a good time. Here’s a place I found on the Internet!”

Travis’s comments struck a chord with Craig’s libido – and the resort the kid suggested looked like a real bikini bonanza. Craig contacted Madame Jae’s. Upon arrival at the Carribean resort, the Sheridans enjoyed a few fruity tropical drinks poolside before their jet lag caught up with them.

That next morning, still groggy, father and son put on their tiny bikinis, grabbed their beach bag, and headed for breakfast.

Craig and Travis sipped their coffee as the reality of their clothing – and the new mammaries and much longer hair – kicked in.

“Dad – how did end up looking like a couple of hot chicks in these bikinis?” “I really don’t know – maybe we should ask the front desk where our dicks went.”

The lovely lady at the guest services desk smiled as looked up their reservation. “Here we are – Sheridan – Cara and her daughter, Tina. Because of your late check in, we processed your gender transformation while you slept. Don’t worry, it’s completely reversible at checkout – unless you extend your stay, of course. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with.”

Cara and Tina thought about calling the whole vacation off, but they remembered their vow to “try something different, that they never tried before.” Thus they headed to the pool, as the suddenly mother and daughter became to assimilate to their sexy new bodies.

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