Sunday, October 31, 2010

Madame Jae's Halloween Special: MERMAIDS REDUX pt 2 conclusion

Entering the boisterous ballroom, Estella grinned as she watched Melissa and Gloria realize that every eye was on them; their low cut, leggy gowns screamed SEX, and not dad, plumber, or middle age male.

“Let’s have some fun with some of the guys, just for kicks, and then there’s a real surprise for you ladies,” Estella said as she accepted the hand of a well dressed man for a dance.

Melissa and Gloria needed a few glasses of wine before finally accepting some kind but persistent suitors. 90 minutes later, all three gurls had not only danced their curvy little butts off, they had allowed themselves to get into their womanly roles, smiling and even “flirting” with the men.

“Would you go home with one of them?,” teased Estella, and her friends blushed, looked at each other, and the trio howled and laughed like the hot gal pals they appeared to be.

. Suddenly, the room lights dimmed and the DJ introduced the night’s feature performers. Three teen hotties – a slinky Latina, an uber-cute brunette, and a radiant black girl – all dressed as sexy mermaids!

“No way!’ gasped Gloria.

Melissa stammered, “That’s… our…”

“Daughters” snickered Estella. “Vonda and I have been coming here since she was 16.”

The teen T-girls lip synched to “California Girls” and the crowd cheered as the 3-some vamped like the Pussycat Dolls.

“Give it up for Vonda Garcia, Jasmine McGraw, and Torri Winslow!” the DJ announced to bravos!

Torri took the mike and chirped, “We dedicate our performance to the original Mermaid Babes – our sexy moms over there!”

The mommies were nearly overcome with joy, and they greeted their daughters with hugs and kisses. For the rest of the night, all six of them danced the night away with each other and several J—club dudes!

The next day, Melissa & Gloria spent their bet prize on Madame Jae’s family membership!

Estella Garcia and her daughter Vonda

Melissa McGraw and her daughter Jasmine

Gloria Winslow and her daughter Torri

Happy Halloween from Family Tradition
and Madame Jae's!

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