Saturday, October 30, 2010

Madame Jae's Halloween Special: MERMAIDS REDUX pt 1


Ernie Garcia, Marc McGraw, Gus Winslow grew up together and remained best friends for over 30 years. From the ballfields as little kids, the craziness of high school, and as partners in a plumbing company, and each as a single dad of three fine lads who just like dad. Victor was loud and rowdy as Ernie – Josh was laid back and quiet like Marc – and Tony had Gus’ smile and wit.

The boys were planning on a joint costume and their dads reminisced about the fun they had one time they tried to pull off drag mermaid costumes.

On October 30, Ernie met the guys at their favorite pub hangout and described his work at this salon where the owner had given him a challenge to recreate their cross-dressed gag.

Marc said, “Yea right” as he rubbed his balding dark hair, while Gus wondered aloud if Ernie wanted to go on the Springer Show.

That’s when Ernie dropped $1000 cash on the table - $500 for each. “It’s yours if we all go through with it – and trust me, you’ll want to pay me after its’ done."

With that, the friends checked into Madame Jae’s at noon, and by 4 PM – Estella Garcia, Melissa McGraw, and Gloria Winslow stepped into the waiting stretch limo. Melissa and Gloria gawked at the curves they had acquired.

Estella giggled, and cooed, “The best is yet to come, girlfriends!”

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