Monday, October 18, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The "Talk" 2.0

The Talk 2.0

Former father and son Dwight (32) and Joey (11) are reading a book especially designed

for M2F transsexuals

Debbie: (reading) “In genetic females, their hormones influence their bodies’ reaction to sexual interaction, as well as their moods, and general mental well-being. It’s effects often bring out a more docile, less volatile reaction than in males; in studies, transwomen who received estrogen treatement began to emulate the sexual orientation and psychological traits of a genetic female.”

Jessica: “Wow! Mom, I thought they just grew breasts and made our butts curvy and girly.”

Debbie: Me too. And look at you, honey, you’re first shot is already taking effect. Considering you have the Jones family genetic disposition, I bet you’ll end up as busty as yours truly!

Jessica: I can’t wait! Say, how do you think “mom” – you know –

Debbie: (sighs) I think Karen is sitting up in Heaven watching her child and her soul mate with a big grin on her sweet face! I told you that from the time I was about your age, I loved dressing as Debbie. Your Aunt Kay even took me to some dances as her sister, and after momma Karen had you, we used to dress you in little girls clothes, and you loved it of course! I never told you this – but just as the cancer overtook, she whispered to me, “Make sure Debbie takes care of our sweet daughter.” Three years later, we met the therapist – and voila! Now my promise to Karen won’t be complete for at least 10 years – I have to get you ready to be a confident woman who can be a good wife.”

Jessica: Both my mommies are the best! I can’t wait until I’m old enough to date; and speaking of dates, what time is Mr. John picking you up?

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eleventhdr said...

yes this is just about what all males who have always whished and wanted to transform change from sons into daughters ahve wanted as well to finally be able to have the talk with there other older brothers who have also ahd the transformation and have vbecome girls we wish to be ablee ot finally talk abut being a girl and what it will realy mean to ahve a female body and to grwo as a woman does so yes and i to wish this were me becasue i to have always wnated to be a girl and then well to have the talk!

Annabelle Raven said...

Hi eleven, thanks for posting! In this case, it's actually the mom who used to be the dad who had the talk. :)