Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Costumes? What Costumes?


David Hamilton (41) had a great idea for the Halloween bash. He had dabbled in cross-dressing as a young man, and he knew that all three of his sons – George (22), Steven (21), and Paul (20) – had done a little “experimenting” with drag while at college. There was a $5,000 cash prize for the Best Family Costume theme, and it just so happened that David’s neighbor John owned the town’s most fashionable clothing boutique.

John made a few calls and the Hamilton guys were taken en masse to a special salon that catered to M2F transformations.

On the night of the party, no GG looked more like walking wet dreams that Dolores and her “daughters” Greta, Sheila, and Paige. But they looked a little too authentic, what with their painted faces, created cleavage, and sexy legs. Most partygoers
just assumed that they were hot babes who forgot that it was a COSTUME party! Thus they didn’t win the cash!

But that was fine for the girls and their “mom”, as they all snuck away from the party with a ninja, a pirate, Dumbledore and a guy in an Obama mask. The Hamilton honeys soon had their men “out of costume” – understand? ;)

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