Monday, October 11, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Coolest Mom Ever!

Our Mommy Is the Coolest Ever!

My name is Erica Fisher- formerly Evan, and I’m the proud mother of three. I used to be their dad but my soul was always a woman, and after their birth mom died in a tragic accident, I went through therapy and surgery to change my body.

My boys William, Harry, and Scott knew what I was going through and I always had their full support and love. They knew I was working out so that my now reshaped body could be “bikini ready” for the summer. They were fascinated as I now had bouncing “boobies” and that I was walking with a feminine tail sway.

“Mommy, you’re going to have a lot of fun as a pretty lady in your bikinis – and dresses too!,” they told me, and I saw in their eyes the dreams of being pretty and sweet.

So the month before school let out, I told them if they got good grades on their finals, I would let them grow their hair out and we’d hit the beach as mom and daughters – four bikini beauties. They never studied so hard, and they looked like a trio of the prettiest little girls you ever saw.

I don’t think that Whitney, Heather, or Simone are going back to being boys after this. They still love my “boobies” - so does my boyfriend! ;) - and will want their own when they reach puberty – soon girls, soon!

Left to Right:

Heather (9), Erica (32), Simone (7), and Whitney ( 10)

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