Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Being Chicks Rule!

Being Chicks Rule!

Heath (23): My lifelong friend Jerry Sloan knew that I was in a funk from being dumped by my girlfriend. He also knew my older brother Jim was also striking out on “the market,” and even my dad Leo was not coping well after divorcing his third wife last New Years.

Leo (53): Jerry was a smart boy with a PhD in molecular biology from Tech. He was researching chromosomes and asked the 3 of us to help – as guinea pigs.

Jim (25): God knows why we agreed to this – some promise of money, and Jerry and his partner, Dr. Peter Forbes, were pretty persuasive, so what the hell – we were confiding to this wing of the institute and we given some sort of DNA altering medication.

Heidi: Jerry and Peter had suggested that between some low level radiation treatment, some accelerant drugs, and other methods, he could make genetic women out of two brothers and their father. Within three months we had grown breasts, long hair, and were having some very female feelings . Very ,very interesting dreams !

Julie: Heath and I had been very competitive growing up with each other and with Dad. But as girls, we were more emotional; lots of crying, hugging, giggling, just – real girly!

Lisa: I was always proud of my boys and felt I was close as their dad, but it was nothing compared to the bonds we developed as mother and daughters! We did each others hair and makeup, and talked about our feelings and emotions. We talked about guys – and my gosh, we all suddenly had this attraction to them. I set my sights on Peter, and I encouraged Heidi to go after Jerry.

Heidi: The program ended after a year and as Mom, said, I knew that I wanted to be Jerry’s girl. And today, I’m his fiancee!

Julie: But I was the last to breakdown the last wall to true womanhood. I was so stubborn, but of course, Heidi wanted me to be her maid of honor. Then I met, Dave at this club, and one night in his arms changed me forever!

Lisa: I think I speak for all three of us when I say that there is nothing greater than a woman’s orgasm – well maybe ten of them!

Julie: Mom! Hush… then more guys will want to become girls – we don’t need competition!

Heidi: Right sis! Because being chicks RULE!

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