Friday, October 22, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - An Southern Fairy Tale




My name is Celeste McCormick, and I am from Aniston, Alabama. And this is my pride & joy, my darling daughter Jasmine. We’re hanging out at this bar down near the Auburn campus, and we’re looking to show somebody a real good time. It can be a nice hunky college boy, or some rich Auburn alum hear for homecoming, or even… mmm… one of those studly football linemen.

My girl and I make no bones about what we want – we want to take a man home so he can fuck our brains out. Hell yes, we are two slutty Southern girls, and no, I don’t mind sharing a cock with my own flesh and blood. Sometimes, we take home a guy for each of us. Now, we have the most remarkable story to tell you about how ended up this way.

Would you believe that two years ago, I was Jas’s father, a white trash laborer named Charlie McCormick, and Jas was my slacker son Jed? Yep, it’s true y’all. But that’s not the most amazing thing. But it was pretty scary how we ended up part of this experiment that we got involved with at the Auburn genetic engineering lab.

I dunno much about chromosones or D and A – but they gave us an big ole meal of BBQ and some pecan pie, and we washed it down with some Southern Comfort, and we dozed off drunk – no big deal. But then we woke up with these bodies and titties and even little coochies. They swore that they didn’t snip off our dicks, but that those drugs turned them inside out!

And then we began to (heh) explore our new plumbin! Yea haw – mama and baby girl loved the fireworks and we decided to jump into being girls 110%! Which is why the way we are – hell, it don’t matter coz I’m her momma know and we’ll always be there for each other!

But I said that transforming from two good old boys to two super sexy Southern girls wasn’t the most amazing, most unthinkable thing that’s happened. Thing is – I was raised to root for the Alabama Crimson Tide, but my dang son Jed rooted for the hated Auburn Tigers! We always fought about that, coz here in Alabama, getting fired up about college football is a tradition!

But since it was the nice folks here at Auburn who helped turn us into women ,helped us discover the joy of female sex, and brought my daughter and I closer than we ever were as men – I can now say what was unthinkable before: The hell with the Crimson Tide! War Eagle, and Go Auburn!

LXXOOO Celeste & Jasmine

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Martha said...

Nice new life for the men :) Fits them perfectly and they seem to enjoy it.