Thursday, September 23, 2010

MOTB Series: Sister And the Bride


(part of the MOTB series)

We’ve come so far, sis!

Lindsay(20) cooed in her big sister Alexa’s ear, “Do you remember how badly Leon and Anton behaved at Aunt Janet’s friends’ wedding. She made those two little boys dress as flower girls. Gosh, I hope they learned their lesson that day!”

Alexa (21), minutes before she was to be married, giggled. “Yea I think they did learn something that day sis… that they were much happier in pretty dresses and stockings… and they believed that boys were icky… well up until junior high school that is.”

“Yea, and now look at those little boys now – they now have big breasts, tight buns, and fiancées who they enjoy teasing and pleasing! Just wait until next year when it’s MY turn to be the sexy bride, sister dear,” Lindsay laughed as she relished her role

as T-girl Maid Of Honor!

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