Saturday, September 4, 2010

MADAME'S JAE'S: Double The Blondes, Double the Trouble (and the Fun!)

"Double Trouble"

Brandi and Irene Hough – 23 year old daughter and 47 year old mother, respectively – greeted J Club members Troy and Paul with bright smiles and bedroom eyes. Most moms and daughters can’t even talk about the bird and bees with consternation, but not these two. These bubbly, bodacious blondes are totally comfortable talking about each others’ sex life, which Hollywood hunks they would most like to bed, and tricks to drive their partners wild. But that’s what makes Madame Jae’s girls so special.

Two years ago, both college grad and would be-stud Blake Hough and his divorced dad Ivan had reached a crossroads in their life. They were short, fat, and nothing happening, and they needed a spark. One night web surfing at home, Blake found the Madame Jae’s website, and shared it with Ivan. Could a full blooded straight guy really expect to be able to look and act like a hot chick – whether they were 20 or 60? They thought it would be the most embarrassing thing they could do together – instead it was the most wonderful. Reshaping their flabby bodies into curvy female goodness. Hair extensions bringing out golden waves not seen since Blake was 5.

A sense of bonding with the Madame Jae’s team, and other guys who found their inner girl – including some other families, that could role model the Houghs. Finally, the duo made their debut at a J-Club function, and the T-girl loving men who made up the J-Club never stopped coming on to the surprised – and aroused – blonde gurls. Back to the present – on this night Brandi and Irene plan on seducing their guys ; going down on their dates, teasing the boys until they were hard enough, and then a naughty striptease. The only male left in them are now released from its silky bonds, and the ladies offer up their backsides for their lovers.

In the same house, in different rooms, all night long, Brandi moans and cries for her man’s cock, and she hears her Mom going through the same hard fucking. That next morning, the girls make breakfast for their guys, who are amazed that despite their age difference, both Irene and her baby girl look so much alike! Can you say Madame Jae’s 4-way?

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