Saturday, September 25, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Thanks Ed!

Thank you very much, Ed!

Ed Wolzig was Ron Randall’s best friend for over 35 years. He knew Ron just wasn’t much of a guy, but Ed never looked down on his buddy, and when Ron’s wife Debra ran off with a local cop, he helped his friend raise Ron’s young son Shawn like a second father. Shawn certainly looked up to Ed – and that admiration could even be described as a deep affection for the kind hearted businessman who often helped Ron cover the rent for the Randall’s apartment.

Ed never asked for a thing in return but both of his benefactors would do anything in gratitude. One day while having beers with both of them (not long after Shawn graduated high school, Ed said he always lamented not having a woman to share his life with. Simultaneously, both Ron and Shaun got an idea – the same idea.

They each claimed they had a pretty lady they could set him up with.

One day, Ed stopped by the apartment and didn’t find the guys, but they found two stunning, shapely, blonde women - a 40ish cougar and a college coed cutie. They both looked at Ed with bright smiles and bedroom eyes. Suddenly, it clicked about who these babes were.

“Sabrina surprised me as she had the same ideas as I did,” Rachael cooed.

“I think we’re gonna love being mom & daughter about as much as we’ll love seducing you, Ed,” giggled Sabrina, as they led their friend to the bedroom for a proper “thank you!”

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