Saturday, September 18, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Project 2 Paradise


Jacqueline Cole has it all: the sexy looks of a model, the love of a handsome, rich, and devoted man, Dr. Martin Cole, and the most precious little girl you ever saw, 3 year old Ashleigh. But at the time of her baby’s birth, Jacqui was in a very different spot: in and out of jail, a drug addict and alcoholic, jobless, homeless, and worthless. And Jacqui was merely a fantasy identity, trapped deep inside the persona of her birth.

Jamal Blaine was yet another troubled male from the projects, who never knew his father, or for that matter, his mother. And when Jamal was 10, his beloved grandmother died of AIDS from her own addictions. Jamal fell in early with the gangs that roamed the projects. Jamal was very afraid of being exposed for not being “street” enough, so by the age of 13, he already was taking part in helping dealers avoid the cops. By 15 he already had spent time in juvie for fighting, petty theft, and even a carjacking, and he was already sexually active.

At 17, Jamal had raped several girls; the last one was Shana Cole, who was from the “good” neighborhood but had fallen in the wrong crowd. Later Shana died due to her own meth addictions. Shana’s parents would have been happy to have seen Jamal stay in the pen, but they were left with Jamal’s “gift”, a sickly, hyperactive little boy that was originally named Andre.

But Judge Cole, the baby’s grandfather, had connections in the system and in the medical community. Jamal was released to the care of him and his wife Ella who allowed the baby’s parent a shot at having one last shot – under ther conditions.

The Coles oversaw Jamal’s transformations from “hard” thug to “soft” and docile Jacqueline Marianna Cole. Hormone therapy, plastic surgery, laser removal of over 12 gang related tattoos, hair extensions, coaching on feminine activities by Ella and her girlfriends, and even a little experience at “dating”.

The Cole’s son, Martin, was a resident at General Hospital, and every black woman’s fantasy catch – but he had a thing for “special” girls. So he really enjoyed the now shapely and beautiful Jacqui, and her inner sissy reacted positively to Martin’s attention and touch. Jamal may have brutally violated Shana, but Jacqui came to understand that when Martin made love to her AS a woman that the feeling was indescribable.

Finally, Jacqui grew to understand the love of a child changes all, especially the bonds of a mother and a DAUGHTER – as Andre’s grand mom had let his hair grow out, dressed him in the prettiest girly clothes, and called her Ashleigh Tiara Cole.

The littlest gangster and his “accident” were now a lovely mom and little girl combo who, along with husband and father Martin, made up the perfect little family!

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