Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Never Too Old...

You’re Never Too Old To Be A Girl!

My name is Barbara Williams-Plant, and at the tender age of 64, I became a girl. Well, I was always a girl – a girl named Bruce, who never let his friends, his family, or anyone in on my “dark secret.”

Finally, after years of depression and moping, it was my son Kyle who gave me the inspiration.

“I’ve always seen you as more like a mom than a dad,” Kyle admitted, as I had cooked, cleaned, and shopped for him since he was 12, and I was now babysitting his son Sean when he worked.

I cried at the thought of embarrassing them, but then he got this glint in his beautiful blue eyes.

“You wouldn’t be going through this alone, Dad – Mom. You’re not the only family member with a secret. In fact, we all have one in common.”

Then he looked at my angelic grandson, who’s blond hair was longer than most boys his age. A light bulb went off.

“Are you saying that you – AND Sean …”

“Maybe,” Kyle giggled. “Let’s go visit a friend of mine, just the three of us… girls.”

Kyle’s friend Marsha had a field day with us. That day, Barbara met her beautiful daughter Kathryn and precious granddaughter Sophia.

“Grandma! You and mommy are such pretty girls,” Sophie told us as Marsha applied the finishing touches to our female conversions.

“I only see one pretty girl here, sunshine,” I smiled at her, “But I see two happy women.”

“Now now, Barb, you’re never too old to be a girl!” Marsha replied.

Kathi teased me, “Maybe some nice man will make an honest woman out of you Mom!”

And wouldn’t you know it – a former high school chum of mine, George Plant, came back into my life as that man who did make an honest woman out of me. I never knew how much a man’s smile could make me feel so… pretty and sexy!

And here we are, a year later, and I’m his wife, and we have a long, exotic honeymoon planned. Marsha gave me some pretty risqué lingerie for my wedding night!

As for my blonde babe single mom of a daughter, Kathi – my maid of honor, of course – was in the thrall of George’s protégé and best man, Paul. Paul was doting on both Kathi and our flower girl, Sophie, who stole the show in her pretty dress.

One day, some handsome and charming young man will make a woman out of her, just like her mommy and grandma!

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