Monday, September 20, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Model Behavior

Model Behavior

Donald Ryder remembers back 15 years ago when his wife left him and their precocious 5-year old son Jared, and they had no money for cable TV or a night at the movies. The best they could do was the landlady’s leftover fashion magazines. Something about the beautiful ladies with the slinky figures and pretty clothes fascinated the lad, and Mrs. Scott noticed that he had a naturally feminine demeanor – and that his Dad seemed to repressed in facing his own identity.

When Peter was 12, she surreptitiously dressed the shy lad as TV character Punky Brewster, complete with adorable pigtails. Donald was often working double shifts so he often missed such holiday expressions but he knew that Lea had a good heart and really cared for both Peter and him, so he never complained – and even admired his would-be daughter for having more confidence and charm in her identity of “Jenna."

When both of Donald’s employers closed shop within a six month period, Lea stepped up an incredible offer. She had shown pictures of Jenna to a friend who had shown them to a major New York modeling agency. There was an offer on the table that would set up father and son for life – but Lea controlled not only the existence of the pretty teen, she wanted to bring a little change to Donald’s world as well.

Today, Danielle Ryder has it made – a gorgeous daughter who’s appeared in countless magazines and runways, a renewed sense of confidence, and a recurring problem. Men were immediately attracted to both the new daughter and her nervous but interested mom.

One night in Greece, Danielle and Jenna accepted a double date request from a jet setting tycoon and his hunky nephew.

“I’m going to let Stavros have his way with me, Mom,” Jenna whispered.

“But what I want Stavros, dear?,” giggled the hard-luck single dad turned foxy mom!

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