Friday, September 10, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - How Could You?


REAL TALK with COURTNEY (38) and daughter EMILY (15)

COURTNEY: Sweetie – I am so sorry that you saw what you did with me and Richard – without, well without me coming to you first, and…

EMILY: What, Mom? So you can ask permission to have him spend the night with you in our house? I thought you were the mother!

C: I am, and that’s a big reason I’m so embarrassed buy this. I know I have this huge responsibility as your parent and as a role model.

E: Yea especially considering our past. It ‘s been wonderful since we became girls – but I wasn’t expected you to become this ummm

C: Honey – I’m not turning into some floozy who’s hormones have taken over her sanity. Look, we didn’t plan on getting back so late and to be honest, and it just – it just happened OK? Emily, Richard and I are crazy about each other, and he’s been so supportive, even after I told…


C: Calm down sweetie (sniff) – look, I’m your mother, but I’m also a woman, a woman finally free to be who she is. Romantic, footloose and fancy free. And the fact that my son also felt this way, and that we got the opportunity to transition together is a special bond we’ll always have, and I would do anything for you sweetie. So yes – I told him about Christopher and Ethan. And he said he will be there for both of us. I think he wants to marry me, and be your step-father. But I want you to love him as much as I have. And I want to be there for you as your new body continues to evolve, and I want to watch you go to the prom, go to college, and eventually be a beautiful bride yourself. I love you so much!

E: Oh mom, I love you too, you are always there for me (hugs) And I think Richard is a great guy, and he will be a great step-dad. But you know, one day, you may catch me and my future boyfriend doing…

C: Oh I know you will do that someday – hopefully not for a while – but there’s no denying the women we were meant to be. Just think, one day you and I will be watching our husbands dress for dinner or tanning themselves on the beach, and I’ll turn to look at you and wink…

E: (Giggle) Mom – I’m looking forward to sharing that wink with you!

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