Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Hair Brained Scheme

Hair Brained Scheme
Kevin Rodriguez (33) found himself in a no win situation. His gold-digging wife had emptied their bank and left him with no support to raise their boys Connor (11) and Jason (4). Then he found out that a tough named Andres expected Kevin to make good on gambling debts his former brother-in-law encurred and that his wife had “promised” to cover.

Andres knew that Kevin and his boys were set up by her, but he still had to have the money to satisfy his bosses. So he introduced Kevin to his sister Salina, who ran a salon on the south side.

Salina immediately put the humiliated Kevin to work, all the while cooing about his fine dark silky hair – not to mention the boys, who just seemed too pretty to be boys. Thus Salina offered to pay Kevin double for the unthinkable – and hoping to get back to some normalcy – let this crazy lady give the trio a makeover.

The newly minted “Kyra” was amazed at how natural the role of pretty woman and loving “mother” felt, and to her shock, “Candace” and “Jodi” were so precious as preteen and kindergarten sisters! They loved being mom and daughters, and Kyra stayed on at the salon.

But today is her off day, and she’s having fun in the park with her girls – but they aren’t alone. Andres has joined them. The gangster with a heart of gold has fallen in love with the woman who was the man who he shielded from danger. As he takes this photo, Kyra smiles at her boyfriend on the day he will propose to her to be her husband and guardian of his step-daughters.

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