Sunday, September 26, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Daring Duo

Dare To Dress, Dare To Love

As Gary Miller’s coworker and confidant, I had grown a little weary of his whining about his lot in life – “I’m so unlucky, in love, at work, in dealing with (his son) Timmy.”

I knew that Timmy, fresh out of high school, was equally morose and also lacked confidence. I saw myself as a one-woman intervention squad. I invited both to dinner and fed them and over wine, discussed what they felt they lacked. Both lamented their short stature and even there lack of “girth”, and then I showed them some amazing photos.

I had never shared with Gary that I, Louise, was born Lorne, and have lived like a woman for 25 years. I have worked, lived and loved as Louise.

“My only wish was that my mother lived to see me as Louise. I think that if you two considered starting over as girls – and as a mom and daughter – that you could take control of your lives and be happy.”

Dad and son looked at each other and agreed to let me experiment with their wardrobe and a little styling.

A week later, Gwen and Tracie made their public debut at a bar known for the hottest T-girls. I took this picture of the “girls” in their slinky and sexy dresses that accentuated their newly visible cleavage and curvy butts. They knew that they were both quite lovely, and were both feeling much closer as they adeptly assumed the mother/daughter roles.

They were inseparable – until two buff dudes took both out on the dance floor. That led to my girls being taken home and being seduced their new lovers. I caught up with them in their apartment the next morning, giggling as they recounted the many ways their men made them scream in joy, and how they returned the studs’ favors.

Together, they jumped at the dare to live the dream - as sexy trannys- and they have never EVER looked back!

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