Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Amazing Graces


This is Gloria Grace’s favorite photo ever. Amanda was 17, Debbie was 20, and Naomi was 43 but would never admit to others that she was the older sister. And a year before that picture was taken, Gloria had no sister, daughter, or niece.

Instead you had down on his luck Gregory, his nebbish son Aaron and they hadn’t had any contact with family in years. Then a cryptic email from long lost big brother Norman, claiming that he and Greg’s nephew Dean were headed east with a “gift”.” Norm claimed to have been visited by some sort of angel, promising a new better way of life.

Wary, Greg still decided to visit them along with Aaron. They didn’t find his brother and nephew when they drove to the Southwest – but they sure thought the pretty blondes who greeted them looked a little familiar. But it was damn near impossible to believe that they were (or used to be) Norm and Dean. So Naomi challenged them to put up or shut up.

Then they met Angel, the smiling stylist who had awoken the feminine souls inside the sad men. Angel did have a gift for making men into women - stunning women. Then Angel took this picture of the Grace ladies before their first “girls night out.”

At the club, Deb showed her cousin Mandy how to flirt with cute guys, while Naomi got Gloria tipsy enough to enjoy a dance with a handsome guy. That guy turned out to be Jim, who ended up proposing to the curvy brunette.

That was four years ago – and this year, it’s Mandy’s turn to be the blushing bride. She would be the fourth Grace girl in four years to take another man’s name – and they all enjoyed being “taken” by their horny husbands– but their sisterly and motherly bonds would mean that the would always be the amazing Grace girls!

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