Sunday, September 26, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Daring Duo

Dare To Dress, Dare To Love

As Gary Miller’s coworker and confidant, I had grown a little weary of his whining about his lot in life – “I’m so unlucky, in love, at work, in dealing with (his son) Timmy.”

I knew that Timmy, fresh out of high school, was equally morose and also lacked confidence. I saw myself as a one-woman intervention squad. I invited both to dinner and fed them and over wine, discussed what they felt they lacked. Both lamented their short stature and even there lack of “girth”, and then I showed them some amazing photos.

I had never shared with Gary that I, Louise, was born Lorne, and have lived like a woman for 25 years. I have worked, lived and loved as Louise.

“My only wish was that my mother lived to see me as Louise. I think that if you two considered starting over as girls – and as a mom and daughter – that you could take control of your lives and be happy.”

Dad and son looked at each other and agreed to let me experiment with their wardrobe and a little styling.

A week later, Gwen and Tracie made their public debut at a bar known for the hottest T-girls. I took this picture of the “girls” in their slinky and sexy dresses that accentuated their newly visible cleavage and curvy butts. They knew that they were both quite lovely, and were both feeling much closer as they adeptly assumed the mother/daughter roles.

They were inseparable – until two buff dudes took both out on the dance floor. That led to my girls being taken home and being seduced their new lovers. I caught up with them in their apartment the next morning, giggling as they recounted the many ways their men made them scream in joy, and how they returned the studs’ favors.

Together, they jumped at the dare to live the dream - as sexy trannys- and they have never EVER looked back!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Thanks Ed!

Thank you very much, Ed!

Ed Wolzig was Ron Randall’s best friend for over 35 years. He knew Ron just wasn’t much of a guy, but Ed never looked down on his buddy, and when Ron’s wife Debra ran off with a local cop, he helped his friend raise Ron’s young son Shawn like a second father. Shawn certainly looked up to Ed – and that admiration could even be described as a deep affection for the kind hearted businessman who often helped Ron cover the rent for the Randall’s apartment.

Ed never asked for a thing in return but both of his benefactors would do anything in gratitude. One day while having beers with both of them (not long after Shawn graduated high school, Ed said he always lamented not having a woman to share his life with. Simultaneously, both Ron and Shaun got an idea – the same idea.

They each claimed they had a pretty lady they could set him up with.

One day, Ed stopped by the apartment and didn’t find the guys, but they found two stunning, shapely, blonde women - a 40ish cougar and a college coed cutie. They both looked at Ed with bright smiles and bedroom eyes. Suddenly, it clicked about who these babes were.

“Sabrina surprised me as she had the same ideas as I did,” Rachael cooed.

“I think we’re gonna love being mom & daughter about as much as we’ll love seducing you, Ed,” giggled Sabrina, as they led their friend to the bedroom for a proper “thank you!”

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MOTB Series: Sister And the Bride


(part of the MOTB series)

We’ve come so far, sis!

Lindsay(20) cooed in her big sister Alexa’s ear, “Do you remember how badly Leon and Anton behaved at Aunt Janet’s friends’ wedding. She made those two little boys dress as flower girls. Gosh, I hope they learned their lesson that day!”

Alexa (21), minutes before she was to be married, giggled. “Yea I think they did learn something that day sis… that they were much happier in pretty dresses and stockings… and they believed that boys were icky… well up until junior high school that is.”

“Yea, and now look at those little boys now – they now have big breasts, tight buns, and fiancées who they enjoy teasing and pleasing! Just wait until next year when it’s MY turn to be the sexy bride, sister dear,” Lindsay laughed as she relished her role

as T-girl Maid Of Honor!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Cowgirl Up!


To: Clint Roscoe (cowboyclint

From: Magnolia Leigh Bailey (

Clint, great news about Bonita Jane and her crazy redneck momma (me, duh) The doctors have cleared both of us after our SRS – so we are finally the girls we were always meant to be. My friend, my baby girl and I cannot express in words the gratitude and love we have for you as you supported us in transition. Especially here in West Texas, where attitudes about a man and his son becoming mother and daughter were less then complementary – hell, it wasn’t safe at times, especially to some backwards thinking snoops in our town.

But of all of the people who knew me as Marcus and Bonnie as Bradley, you were the only one who never wavered in your support. Many nights we sat on the back porch as we poured our hearts out to you. Never once did you judge us or leave us cold. You are truly a special special man – I’m tearing up as I write this.

Now that Bonnie Jane is a woman (both 21 this week and has the right plumbing) , we both agree that you deserve a nice reward, cowboy. The night you held me when I cried, and I kissed you, I knew that I wanted you to be the man who made me a woman – YOUR woman.

And you saw the sparks fly when Bonnie met your cousin Jay last year. It’s safe to say that the Bailey girls and the Roscoe men will be spending a lot more time together. Can you boys handle us? ;)

Cya soon darling

Maggie Leigh

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Never Too Old...

You’re Never Too Old To Be A Girl!

My name is Barbara Williams-Plant, and at the tender age of 64, I became a girl. Well, I was always a girl – a girl named Bruce, who never let his friends, his family, or anyone in on my “dark secret.”

Finally, after years of depression and moping, it was my son Kyle who gave me the inspiration.

“I’ve always seen you as more like a mom than a dad,” Kyle admitted, as I had cooked, cleaned, and shopped for him since he was 12, and I was now babysitting his son Sean when he worked.

I cried at the thought of embarrassing them, but then he got this glint in his beautiful blue eyes.

“You wouldn’t be going through this alone, Dad – Mom. You’re not the only family member with a secret. In fact, we all have one in common.”

Then he looked at my angelic grandson, who’s blond hair was longer than most boys his age. A light bulb went off.

“Are you saying that you – AND Sean …”

“Maybe,” Kyle giggled. “Let’s go visit a friend of mine, just the three of us… girls.”

Kyle’s friend Marsha had a field day with us. That day, Barbara met her beautiful daughter Kathryn and precious granddaughter Sophia.

“Grandma! You and mommy are such pretty girls,” Sophie told us as Marsha applied the finishing touches to our female conversions.

“I only see one pretty girl here, sunshine,” I smiled at her, “But I see two happy women.”

“Now now, Barb, you’re never too old to be a girl!” Marsha replied.

Kathi teased me, “Maybe some nice man will make an honest woman out of you Mom!”

And wouldn’t you know it – a former high school chum of mine, George Plant, came back into my life as that man who did make an honest woman out of me. I never knew how much a man’s smile could make me feel so… pretty and sexy!

And here we are, a year later, and I’m his wife, and we have a long, exotic honeymoon planned. Marsha gave me some pretty risqué lingerie for my wedding night!

As for my blonde babe single mom of a daughter, Kathi – my maid of honor, of course – was in the thrall of George’s protégé and best man, Paul. Paul was doting on both Kathi and our flower girl, Sophie, who stole the show in her pretty dress.

One day, some handsome and charming young man will make a woman out of her, just like her mommy and grandma!

Monday, September 20, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Model Behavior

Model Behavior

Donald Ryder remembers back 15 years ago when his wife left him and their precocious 5-year old son Jared, and they had no money for cable TV or a night at the movies. The best they could do was the landlady’s leftover fashion magazines. Something about the beautiful ladies with the slinky figures and pretty clothes fascinated the lad, and Mrs. Scott noticed that he had a naturally feminine demeanor – and that his Dad seemed to repressed in facing his own identity.

When Peter was 12, she surreptitiously dressed the shy lad as TV character Punky Brewster, complete with adorable pigtails. Donald was often working double shifts so he often missed such holiday expressions but he knew that Lea had a good heart and really cared for both Peter and him, so he never complained – and even admired his would-be daughter for having more confidence and charm in her identity of “Jenna."

When both of Donald’s employers closed shop within a six month period, Lea stepped up an incredible offer. She had shown pictures of Jenna to a friend who had shown them to a major New York modeling agency. There was an offer on the table that would set up father and son for life – but Lea controlled not only the existence of the pretty teen, she wanted to bring a little change to Donald’s world as well.

Today, Danielle Ryder has it made – a gorgeous daughter who’s appeared in countless magazines and runways, a renewed sense of confidence, and a recurring problem. Men were immediately attracted to both the new daughter and her nervous but interested mom.

One night in Greece, Danielle and Jenna accepted a double date request from a jet setting tycoon and his hunky nephew.

“I’m going to let Stavros have his way with me, Mom,” Jenna whispered.

“But what I want Stavros, dear?,” giggled the hard-luck single dad turned foxy mom!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Project 2 Paradise


Jacqueline Cole has it all: the sexy looks of a model, the love of a handsome, rich, and devoted man, Dr. Martin Cole, and the most precious little girl you ever saw, 3 year old Ashleigh. But at the time of her baby’s birth, Jacqui was in a very different spot: in and out of jail, a drug addict and alcoholic, jobless, homeless, and worthless. And Jacqui was merely a fantasy identity, trapped deep inside the persona of her birth.

Jamal Blaine was yet another troubled male from the projects, who never knew his father, or for that matter, his mother. And when Jamal was 10, his beloved grandmother died of AIDS from her own addictions. Jamal fell in early with the gangs that roamed the projects. Jamal was very afraid of being exposed for not being “street” enough, so by the age of 13, he already was taking part in helping dealers avoid the cops. By 15 he already had spent time in juvie for fighting, petty theft, and even a carjacking, and he was already sexually active.

At 17, Jamal had raped several girls; the last one was Shana Cole, who was from the “good” neighborhood but had fallen in the wrong crowd. Later Shana died due to her own meth addictions. Shana’s parents would have been happy to have seen Jamal stay in the pen, but they were left with Jamal’s “gift”, a sickly, hyperactive little boy that was originally named Andre.

But Judge Cole, the baby’s grandfather, had connections in the system and in the medical community. Jamal was released to the care of him and his wife Ella who allowed the baby’s parent a shot at having one last shot – under ther conditions.

The Coles oversaw Jamal’s transformations from “hard” thug to “soft” and docile Jacqueline Marianna Cole. Hormone therapy, plastic surgery, laser removal of over 12 gang related tattoos, hair extensions, coaching on feminine activities by Ella and her girlfriends, and even a little experience at “dating”.

The Cole’s son, Martin, was a resident at General Hospital, and every black woman’s fantasy catch – but he had a thing for “special” girls. So he really enjoyed the now shapely and beautiful Jacqui, and her inner sissy reacted positively to Martin’s attention and touch. Jamal may have brutally violated Shana, but Jacqui came to understand that when Martin made love to her AS a woman that the feeling was indescribable.

Finally, Jacqui grew to understand the love of a child changes all, especially the bonds of a mother and a DAUGHTER – as Andre’s grand mom had let his hair grow out, dressed him in the prettiest girly clothes, and called her Ashleigh Tiara Cole.

The littlest gangster and his “accident” were now a lovely mom and little girl combo who, along with husband and father Martin, made up the perfect little family!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Amazing Graces


This is Gloria Grace’s favorite photo ever. Amanda was 17, Debbie was 20, and Naomi was 43 but would never admit to others that she was the older sister. And a year before that picture was taken, Gloria had no sister, daughter, or niece.

Instead you had down on his luck Gregory, his nebbish son Aaron and they hadn’t had any contact with family in years. Then a cryptic email from long lost big brother Norman, claiming that he and Greg’s nephew Dean were headed east with a “gift”.” Norm claimed to have been visited by some sort of angel, promising a new better way of life.

Wary, Greg still decided to visit them along with Aaron. They didn’t find his brother and nephew when they drove to the Southwest – but they sure thought the pretty blondes who greeted them looked a little familiar. But it was damn near impossible to believe that they were (or used to be) Norm and Dean. So Naomi challenged them to put up or shut up.

Then they met Angel, the smiling stylist who had awoken the feminine souls inside the sad men. Angel did have a gift for making men into women - stunning women. Then Angel took this picture of the Grace ladies before their first “girls night out.”

At the club, Deb showed her cousin Mandy how to flirt with cute guys, while Naomi got Gloria tipsy enough to enjoy a dance with a handsome guy. That guy turned out to be Jim, who ended up proposing to the curvy brunette.

That was four years ago – and this year, it’s Mandy’s turn to be the blushing bride. She would be the fourth Grace girl in four years to take another man’s name – and they all enjoyed being “taken” by their horny husbands– but their sisterly and motherly bonds would mean that the would always be the amazing Grace girls!

Friday, September 10, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - How Could You?


REAL TALK with COURTNEY (38) and daughter EMILY (15)

COURTNEY: Sweetie – I am so sorry that you saw what you did with me and Richard – without, well without me coming to you first, and…

EMILY: What, Mom? So you can ask permission to have him spend the night with you in our house? I thought you were the mother!

C: I am, and that’s a big reason I’m so embarrassed buy this. I know I have this huge responsibility as your parent and as a role model.

E: Yea especially considering our past. It ‘s been wonderful since we became girls – but I wasn’t expected you to become this ummm

C: Honey – I’m not turning into some floozy who’s hormones have taken over her sanity. Look, we didn’t plan on getting back so late and to be honest, and it just – it just happened OK? Emily, Richard and I are crazy about each other, and he’s been so supportive, even after I told…


C: Calm down sweetie (sniff) – look, I’m your mother, but I’m also a woman, a woman finally free to be who she is. Romantic, footloose and fancy free. And the fact that my son also felt this way, and that we got the opportunity to transition together is a special bond we’ll always have, and I would do anything for you sweetie. So yes – I told him about Christopher and Ethan. And he said he will be there for both of us. I think he wants to marry me, and be your step-father. But I want you to love him as much as I have. And I want to be there for you as your new body continues to evolve, and I want to watch you go to the prom, go to college, and eventually be a beautiful bride yourself. I love you so much!

E: Oh mom, I love you too, you are always there for me (hugs) And I think Richard is a great guy, and he will be a great step-dad. But you know, one day, you may catch me and my future boyfriend doing…

C: Oh I know you will do that someday – hopefully not for a while – but there’s no denying the women we were meant to be. Just think, one day you and I will be watching our husbands dress for dinner or tanning themselves on the beach, and I’ll turn to look at you and wink…

E: (Giggle) Mom – I’m looking forward to sharing that wink with you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Hair Brained Scheme

Hair Brained Scheme
Kevin Rodriguez (33) found himself in a no win situation. His gold-digging wife had emptied their bank and left him with no support to raise their boys Connor (11) and Jason (4). Then he found out that a tough named Andres expected Kevin to make good on gambling debts his former brother-in-law encurred and that his wife had “promised” to cover.

Andres knew that Kevin and his boys were set up by her, but he still had to have the money to satisfy his bosses. So he introduced Kevin to his sister Salina, who ran a salon on the south side.

Salina immediately put the humiliated Kevin to work, all the while cooing about his fine dark silky hair – not to mention the boys, who just seemed too pretty to be boys. Thus Salina offered to pay Kevin double for the unthinkable – and hoping to get back to some normalcy – let this crazy lady give the trio a makeover.

The newly minted “Kyra” was amazed at how natural the role of pretty woman and loving “mother” felt, and to her shock, “Candace” and “Jodi” were so precious as preteen and kindergarten sisters! They loved being mom and daughters, and Kyra stayed on at the salon.

But today is her off day, and she’s having fun in the park with her girls – but they aren’t alone. Andres has joined them. The gangster with a heart of gold has fallen in love with the woman who was the man who he shielded from danger. As he takes this photo, Kyra smiles at her boyfriend on the day he will propose to her to be her husband and guardian of his step-daughters.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

MADAME'S JAE'S: Double The Blondes, Double the Trouble (and the Fun!)

"Double Trouble"

Brandi and Irene Hough – 23 year old daughter and 47 year old mother, respectively – greeted J Club members Troy and Paul with bright smiles and bedroom eyes. Most moms and daughters can’t even talk about the bird and bees with consternation, but not these two. These bubbly, bodacious blondes are totally comfortable talking about each others’ sex life, which Hollywood hunks they would most like to bed, and tricks to drive their partners wild. But that’s what makes Madame Jae’s girls so special.

Two years ago, both college grad and would be-stud Blake Hough and his divorced dad Ivan had reached a crossroads in their life. They were short, fat, and nothing happening, and they needed a spark. One night web surfing at home, Blake found the Madame Jae’s website, and shared it with Ivan. Could a full blooded straight guy really expect to be able to look and act like a hot chick – whether they were 20 or 60? They thought it would be the most embarrassing thing they could do together – instead it was the most wonderful. Reshaping their flabby bodies into curvy female goodness. Hair extensions bringing out golden waves not seen since Blake was 5.

A sense of bonding with the Madame Jae’s team, and other guys who found their inner girl – including some other families, that could role model the Houghs. Finally, the duo made their debut at a J-Club function, and the T-girl loving men who made up the J-Club never stopped coming on to the surprised – and aroused – blonde gurls. Back to the present – on this night Brandi and Irene plan on seducing their guys ; going down on their dates, teasing the boys until they were hard enough, and then a naughty striptease. The only male left in them are now released from its silky bonds, and the ladies offer up their backsides for their lovers.

In the same house, in different rooms, all night long, Brandi moans and cries for her man’s cock, and she hears her Mom going through the same hard fucking. That next morning, the girls make breakfast for their guys, who are amazed that despite their age difference, both Irene and her baby girl look so much alike! Can you say Madame Jae’s 4-way?