Thursday, August 12, 2010

MOTB Tales: Role Playing II

MOTB Tales

Role Playing pt 2

“Look who is also going to be in the wedding, sweetie. Your cousins Angie and Nora are also bridesmaids, and Nora’s darling daughter Zoey will be your precious ring bearer. And of course, Zoey’s grand mom, your Aunt Wendy is also here – looking pretty sexy for a Cornhusker farm gal in that dress!”

Lisa’s painted mouth was agape. Her Uncle Walt (52) was the last person on earth that she expected to see tolerant of Lisa’s life choices – much less seeing her in Oregon – DRESSSED AS A WOMAN!

Not to mention seeing Walt’s boys Neal (24), Allen (20) – two farm boys who were as conservative as their dad – with long hair and curvy bodies that would draw lots of guys’ interest. Even Neal’s only child Zachary (3) had gone girly and was the cutest thing!

“The bad economy and recent storms made all of us rethink about staying on the farm,” Nora said.

“And Aunt Marcia’s friend Miss Betty showed us our inner beauty,” Angie smiled.

“Even my cute little granddaughter,” cooed Wendy. “We’ve decided to stay here in Oregon and restart our lives as women – and be one big happy family!”

Later that night, the Hough bridal party (sans Zoey – Betty’s daughter played babysitter) stayed out late for Lisa’s wild bachelorette party!

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