Thursday, August 12, 2010

MOTB Tales: Role Playing I

MOTB Tales

Role Playing pt 1

Lisa Hough knew that when it came to her decision to come out as a trans-woman, that her immediate family had her back. The 25 year old pretty brunette formerly known as Lucas Hough had the support of her dad Manny, 50, and younger brother Eric, 21.

She was less sure how the other members of her clan felt but she was now living in the Bay Area as a fashion designer while her dad and bro stayed in Oregon. Other family were still in Nebraska, where Lisa felt that they were less tolerant of her decision.

Lisa eventually was wooed by a handsome banker who proposed to Lisa while walking through Crissy Field overlooking the Golden Gate. James’ family was from Washington state, so it was decided that they would get married in Lisa’s hometown.

The busy bride to be got help through a wedding planner in Oregon who got assistance from Manny and Eric – who had a surprise from Lisa when she drove home a week before the nuptials. The local bridal salon was very popular amongst both genetic and T girls and the Betty, the salon owner, knew Manny from high school.

Betty convinced the widowed truck driver and his slacker son to explore their own dormant desires – and Lisa was shocked and overjoyed at seeing her “mom” Marcia and “sister” Eva join her at the gown fitting.

But Marcia had an even bigger surprise for her daughter in the fitting room down the hall…

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