Monday, August 16, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

The Amazon rain forest is home to thousands of species, many distinct cultures and it’s a place where science and mythology do battle. Professor Colin O’Keefe and his son Dennis spent three years in Brazil studying the mating habits of rare South American insects and how it seemed that after the female lured a hapless male into her waterborne home, using her unique pheromones and colorful wings, she seemed to devour his stem, spun a cocoon around his prone body, and a month later, it appeared the male had undergone a chromosomal gender transformation.

It was like a vampire who bit a victim, and recruited them into their dark thrall. One night, thousands of insects enveloped the O’Keefes as they slept in their tent.

A year later, the newly feminized Celeste and Deanna smiled sweetly at two colleagues they shared their amazing tale with. The new mother and daughter knew that later that night, they would seduce their guests and “devour” their manhood .

How many men would become women this way – and how many of them would enjoy it?

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