Friday, August 20, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Start Your Engines!

Gentlemen… Make that… Ladies!

Wes Sterling Sr. was a 25 year veteran driver on the NASCAR circuit, and his career was solid but never spectacular. A few top ten finishes but never a winner at Daytona, Bristol, or ‘Dega. Now at 50, he wanted to own a team and put his son Wesley Jr. on the fast track to Sprint Cup superstardom. The Sterlings would do anything to be thought of like the Pettys, Earnhardts, or Jarretts.

Short of sponsors and unable to attract top flight mechanics, crew or vehicles, they were approached by a lovely lady in a slinky red dress. It was clear that Lucy represented her father, who could promise the duo full backing and unlimited resources in exchange for a “fair” contract. Knowing full well the implications of dealing with the devil, the Sterlings signed on. Their fate was sealed – as the evil magic changed them both.

Flash forward three years later. Spitfire Racing’s Winnie Sterling, at age 24, was a championship driver and a media bonfire. The shapely brunette drove 500 miles every Sunday and drove men wild with passion in the pages of Playboy’s Girls of Racing. Of particular interest was the photo taken of her and her luscious mother/crew chief Wendy Sterling – both were baring their bosom in a provocative hood-straddling shot.

Wes Senior’s racing identity was recast as the pioneering Wendy who was no more successful than Wes but better known as a NASCAR pioneer for racing ladies. But their reputations took a shot – while Wes was known as a God-fearing, family man, Wendy was known as a garage harlot, and several of the good old boys had plenty of stories about her sexual exploits.

Ashamed of her behavior, Wendy saw Winnie going down the same path with horny crewmen , and their “boss” had planned on impregnating the younger girl with his demon seed. Together, mom and daughter bonded and their greater love for each other forced the Dark Prince to go elsewhere to spawn. He agreed to leave them in female form and while their racing careers were over, they regained their dignity.

Wendy and Winnie later each married men who were their trackside rivals.

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