Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Special Xmas in August Edition

Watch What You Wish For!

A holiday story that’s always in season :)

Mike: Son - at least you were my son and I was your father – this may prove that there is a Santa Claus, and that old Saint Nick has a very interesting – and peculiar sense of humor!

Heath: Well, I did ask for this rad snowboard, Dad, but I also asked him for a pet rabbit!

Melissa: Well – I guess he combined the two; you are going to grow up to be snow bunny! You look so cute in pink, honey. You’ll have plenty of boys interested in you as you mature.

Hannah: Well, I’m 13 next month – Mom! And why are you a 38 year old woman now – and why is my history teacher now your boyfriend?

Melissa: You know that I was eager to jump start my social life – I did ask Santa to find me someone nice and attractive. Wasn’t Scott Peters nice to take us both to Aspen with him and his daughter? And then we’ll take both of you to Denver to see Justin Bieber in concert!

Hannah: Oh my God, he’s just so HOT, Mom!

Melissa: (laughs) Really? Maybe he’ll kiss you!

Hannah: And maybe Mr. Peters will kiss you!

Mother and daughter sighed and hugged each other. They loved their new bodies and feelings.

A jolly elf watched them, smiled and then returned to his sleigh and reindeer!

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Martha said...

Oh that's a wonderful cap :) Awesome picture use ... there need to more of those chaos faries around. ;)