Monday, August 30, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Sonia's Scrapbook

Sonia’s Scrapbook

Mary loved her daughter Vanessa and granddaughter Angelina, and like any proud mother and grandmother, she loved looking at her scrapbook of pictures – ah the memories!

Here’s Mary, 37 years ago, with a baby Vanessa in her arms – awww.

Some 22 years later, there’s the grown up and foxy Vanessa with her bundle of joy.

That was two decades ago – note the classic hairstyles and fashions! Three generations of … MEN???

Yes, that’s right. When these photos were taken, Sonia Powers, loving wife of Marv (AKA Mary), devoted mother of Vic (Vanessa) and doting “Nana” to Andrew (Angelina) used her cosmetology skills to make her guys into pretty women and cute little girls. She married Marv knowing that he enjoying dressing up, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with his boys…

Then one day, tragedy struck the family…

Sonia kept a stiff upper lip throughout her chemo, but the same could not be said for her family, and they wanted to do anything to make her last days bearable. On a whim, they dressed as a trio for the first time ever – three generations of guys who seemed as feminine and pretty as any natural women.

“This is how I want to remember you – you are all my beautiful girls,” whispered Sonia as her maker came.

Mary, Vanessa, and Angelina vowed to be there for each other, and soon it became apparent that they would leave their male lives behind for good.

A year later, they are no longer relying on wigs or stuffed bras, and guys have started to notice.

“You two better NOT steal any of my boyfriends,” Mary kiddingly admonished Vanessa and Angelina, which made them all break out in a giggle fest.

Not to worry, ladies… the way you all look, none of you will ever be without admirers.

And now, dear Sonia, here is one last picture for your scrapbook

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