Sunday, August 15, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Reunion at Seagrass

Reunion at Seagrass

Brothers Caleb (19) and Victor (20) were headed for Daytona to for Spring Break – and all the honeys they could get their hands on, when their Dad Bruce (45) told them that he had reconnected with his long-estranged father, and that their grandfather wanted to meet the boys.

His sons argued but Dad’s word was law, so they drove 500 miles to the seaside town of Seagrass. Arriving at an old Victorian home, the boys entered the open door and didn’t see either Bruce or his dad Thomas. But their was some cold lemonade in a pitcher, and the thristy boys drank it down.

They then felt lightheaded and fell asleep on Thomas’s ottoman. They awoke having longer hair, smaller and curvier bodies, and were missing a longtime “friend”.

See, Thomas hadn’t been Thomas in 25 years – a magic elixir turned the ex-gambler into Tessa, who was still shapely for 70 years young. After years of guilt, Tessa reached out to Bruce, and gave Bruce some of the same lemonade, and now she was Bonnie, an attractive lady. Bonnie’s new daughters - Cyndi and Valerie – got caught in the wash of their new feminine hormones and embraced their mom and “nana.”

To celebrate this reunion, Tessa took her family to the local beach, where three generations of transformed males did what girls like to do; check out hot guys and giggle about which ones were the best endowed!

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