Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Pretty As A Picture #3

Pretty As A Picture

Christy: Oh I do like this – except I’m shorter than you (giggle) – remind me to wear my heels on my first date – and maybe a Wonderbra so I can keep up with my busty parent! :)

Kate: Pshaw my dear. You have a gorgeous figure already! Boys – MEN - will do anything for a chance to be with us!

Christy: Mom – this may sound kind of personal, but – do you think your hormones will take over on your first date?

Kate: Christy! (giggle) Well… I would like to find a handsome man that I can fall in love with. I do have this fantasy – making love on a deserted beach.

Christy: Oh my God, me too! Hopefully on my honeymoon – whenever that will happen. I’m not going to be some kind of slut Mom, but I just want…

Kate: Me too baby, me too. And we’re going to find those Prince Charmings, eventually. But until then, let’s get out there make some dates. Have some fun – slowly but surely realizing our full femininity.

Christy: Oh we’re gonna have fun, for sure. Hey here’s the title of our FF entry: “Greek Girls ISO Smart, Cute, and Funny Company” Not too forward?

Kate: Not at all. You know – even though money’s tight, we gotta go shopping! We might be meeting our future husbands here. We need some cute dresses, & shoes & purses to match. Plus a trip to the salon!

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