Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Pretty As A Picture #2

Pretty As A Picture

Christy: You know when I realized that I was this cute girl dying to get out, it was you - when you were my dad - that I was most afraid of disappointing. And then you said you were just like me – I love you Mom!

Kate: Oh Christy, I love you too! Hey – look at this photo! Gosh – we may be the lovliest ex-father and son in the country or the state!

Christy: Ooh, Mom, nice cleavage. I know – I’m going to set up us up a profile on this new social media website – PicturePerfect.

Kate: Hmmm – I don’t know sweetie – I’ve heard horror stories about people on MySpace or Facebook or other online stuff.

Christy: Well take a look at this mom – PicturePerfect is sponsored Madame Jae’s – you know they really value us T-girl families. Apparently guys who have profiles on PP have to be members of the J-Club, and J-Club guys are always respectful of us and they have good jobs and good hygiene. I think it’s pretty safe. What’s that you are looking at?

Kate: Wow! They allow us as a mother and daughter to choose to double date together or solo. I liked teaming up with you, sweetie. We can hold each others’ hands as we step in to the world of online romance. Hey – I want us to upload one more cute picture to PP.

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