Monday, August 2, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Pretty As A Picture #1

Pretty As A Picture

Christy Lambros: Mom! These pictures of us look so AWESOME! Wow, we look so hot! Amazing!

Kate Lambros: Honey - what’s so surprising? After all, you have my eyes, my hair, my lips, and thanks to those magic little pills, you seem to have inherited my chest as well. ;)

Christy: Umm, when I first met you, you were pretty flat-chested – and so was I! (laughs) And we have one more thing in common. It something most girls don’t have.

Kate: Ah you must be referring to “Little Kenny” and “Little Craig.” Of course, once we have enough money, we can have our SRS and waive bye-bye to the “boys” we never really were – and celebrate!

Christy: I wish it would leave sooner! I feel like such a freak….

Kate: No, you know who’s freaky? Our so called loved ones. Your grandparents have cut us off. Your so called “real mother” has mocked us. Very few true friends remain. It’s just you and me, and we’re mom and daughter – forever and ever!

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