Friday, August 27, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mission Statement - Mother

Sylvia’s Mission Statement
You already have met my daughter Cassandra, who was, like me, born with the incorrect body parts. I struggled with my sexuality from my teenage years through my ill advised marriage to Janet. The only positive to come out of that union was the birth of Craig. Craig was a sweet but shy and awkward boy. But it wasn’t until he was reborn as Cassie that she became my daughter.

Now – I felt so miserable that my baby and I were apart, and I felt that I had let them down. But as my counselors and sisters in the T-girl universe supported me, I grew in confidence.

Much like Craig, his “seed giver” Stu was pretty much a loser as guy, but as Syl, I grew into this blonde, stacked body with a sexual appetite to match. I came out of SRS the blonde goddess of every man’s dream, and boy oh boy, I went to town. I had many lovers of all genders, but I had a special lust for buff men with the kind of equipment that ol’ Stuart never dreamed of. But how did I feel that one night when Craig peeked in on me and Big Tony?

Sure I was somewhat embarrassed but I was a woman enjoying her man’s cock and I sort of noticed that my son wasn’t so much mortified as turned on. Did the apple fall very well from the tree? Suddenly I felt something new as I had my embarrassed child in from of me – I felt motherly. I saw in his eyes – her eyes – someone that I knew that I could nurture, hold, hug, kiss, and encourage to come out of her shell.

I took Cass by the hand to my room, and as my T-sisters did for me, I did for my baby girl. Hello, gorgeous! Now I waited until she was 17 to begin administering hormones, and for her 18th birthday – I gave her a night with Tony! She looked so flush with passion, sweat, and cum as his big black tool invaded her back door “pussy”. Like mom, like daughter eh?

Both of us with long hair, boobs, ass, and pretty boy clitties. We shopped until we dropped, and we made every man hard in our slinky dresses, fuck-me heels and full red lips. And for the longest time, we didn’t care if you thought we were sluts or not. But now, a few years later, we have steady guys; Cassie and I sometimes fantasize about a double wedding.

Maybe someday. But our guys love having sexy girlfriends who have a pretty prick tucked inside some pretty panties!

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