Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mission Statement - Daughter

Cassandra’s Mission Statement

My name is Cassandra Fisher and I am 20, beautiful, smart, and have several passions. I’m studying drama at UCLA, I love to surf, and I adore fashion. And men. Well-behaved, tall, dark men with both the physical gifts and the gentle touch to make a girl scream.

And I owe my life, my heart, and my passions to my beautiful mother Sylvia Fisher, who may be 45 but is often mistaken for my twin. She is simultaneously my role model, teacher, and best friend in the world. Mothers and daughters often are at odds – but it was as we became women, that we became closer.

Ten years ago, my then-dad Stuart was kicked out of the house by the bitch who actually birthed me for being a “sissy.” At 17, I ran away from Wisconsin and travelled to Cali to locate the only parent I still loved.

Now she was Sylvia, and I immediately accepted her as my true mother – but she was still unsure how to react to me as Craig, her only son – she had become this stunning transwoman fashion photographer, but she had been apart from all family for 7 years.

At the time, I was struggling with my own male identity. One night, I was awoken by moans and a weird pounding noise. I crept towards the master bedroom of our apartment, and I snuck a peek. Some strange man was naked and he was on his back with his thick penis pointed north. The stunning Sylvia – my father who was now my mother – lowered her shapely ass down on his dick and pushed back up – her full tits flopping, her “clitty” purple and bulging, and her toned body sweaty.

She looked so full of pleasure – so happy. She opened her eyes long enough to make eye contact with me, and I scurried back to my room to take out my own building tension. The next day, I tried to apologize for spying on Mom and her lover, but she smiled and said, “My
little girl liked what she saw, hmmm?”

Those two words resonated with me as she led me back to her room for a little makeover. If Syl was a real sissy, then I guess Cassie (me) was a sissy as well. I shared her hormones, we shopped and primped together, and I even finished school wearing skirts and makeup.

On my 18
th birthday, Tony, the same stud who I saw fucking Mommy, took my ass-cherry – oh God I love being a girl! Mom snuck to the door and watched – how kinky!

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