Saturday, August 7, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Better Life (made better with bikinis!)

A Better Life

Stanley Wilson was a working class stiff, and all he wanted was a good life for him and his son Andrew. George Adams was Stan’s high school best friend, and George knew that Stan and Andy were down on their luck.

George also remembered his school’s womanless beauty pageant and how stunning Stan looked in a dress, wig and heels. He checked the school’s blog and this year, Andy had also entered that same pageant and won second place.

George was moving up the corporate ladder, but his sexual orientation had kept him a bachelor, which was hurting his ladder climbing. People were whispering behind is back, and that had to stop. So George found Stan’s number and called to arrange a meeting with he and his son.

Stan and Andy were mortified at his proposal, but George assured them that it would be merely for show. Poor as they were – the economy hit them hard - they agreed solely for the $25,000.

A year later, and Stephanie Adams and daughter Alyson are posing on the beach for their “husband” and “stepdad” respectively. Only one piece of evidence of their prior life remains and that’s tucked in their bikini bottoms.

Steph swore she would not remain in female form beyond the length of her contract with George, but between the emergence of her female ego, fueled by her hormone treatments and plastic surgery, she learned to love her role as trophy wife. She also took great pride in watching her little boy blossom as a woman under similar treatment.

She knew George was dying to have at her, and one night, Steph let him seduce her. The moaning across the hall prompted young Aly to spy on her parents – she hungrily watched the curvy sexpot who was once her father being enraptured by George’s violation.

At that moment, Aly knew she wanted to be just like Mom – a gorgeous T-girl who could make an appreciative man very happy. Their love of males and never having to worry about a thing brought the girls together in a way not possible as men.

George knew of a college intern named Rich who he would introduce to Aly. Before their date, Steph took her daughter out with a credit card ($25,000 limit) where the former father and son splurged on designer shoes, lingerie and salon treatments.

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