Sunday, August 1, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - And It's 1,,, 2,,, 3,,, at the Old Ballgame!

The Old Ballgame

Levon Shaw played minor league for five years before coming home to raise his sons Paul and Reggie after he divorced his wife. Both boys loved the game as much as he did, but down deep, Levon knew his sons were no more suited to play in the majors then he was. He also knew that, like him, they were sissies at heart.

He sat them down one day and laid it on the line.

“Do you want the fame, the riches, the glory of being in the game? Well, you have to learn a new position – and I’m going to be right there with you.”

Nervously, Paul & Reggie accepted their father’s mad plans for success.

Two years later – two stunning sisters – 20 year old Priscilla and 19 year old Rebecca – along with their gorgeous mother Leticia (44) – sat down at the Oakland A’s stadium to cheer on their favorite ballclub. Their slinky bodies and come-hither smiles drew attention from the Oakland ballplayers.

An usher gave a message to Tish and her girls to come to an after-game bash at the local hotspot. Her daughters ended up on the arms of two of the sluggers, while Mama was hooking up with the hitting coach! Their “bats” were hidden behind their silken panties.

The Shaw family had found success in the MLB clubhouse- as 3 sexy baseball T-WAGs!

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