Monday, August 30, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Sonia's Scrapbook

Sonia’s Scrapbook

Mary loved her daughter Vanessa and granddaughter Angelina, and like any proud mother and grandmother, she loved looking at her scrapbook of pictures – ah the memories!

Here’s Mary, 37 years ago, with a baby Vanessa in her arms – awww.

Some 22 years later, there’s the grown up and foxy Vanessa with her bundle of joy.

That was two decades ago – note the classic hairstyles and fashions! Three generations of … MEN???

Yes, that’s right. When these photos were taken, Sonia Powers, loving wife of Marv (AKA Mary), devoted mother of Vic (Vanessa) and doting “Nana” to Andrew (Angelina) used her cosmetology skills to make her guys into pretty women and cute little girls. She married Marv knowing that he enjoying dressing up, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with his boys…

Then one day, tragedy struck the family…

Sonia kept a stiff upper lip throughout her chemo, but the same could not be said for her family, and they wanted to do anything to make her last days bearable. On a whim, they dressed as a trio for the first time ever – three generations of guys who seemed as feminine and pretty as any natural women.

“This is how I want to remember you – you are all my beautiful girls,” whispered Sonia as her maker came.

Mary, Vanessa, and Angelina vowed to be there for each other, and soon it became apparent that they would leave their male lives behind for good.

A year later, they are no longer relying on wigs or stuffed bras, and guys have started to notice.

“You two better NOT steal any of my boyfriends,” Mary kiddingly admonished Vanessa and Angelina, which made them all break out in a giggle fest.

Not to worry, ladies… the way you all look, none of you will ever be without admirers.

And now, dear Sonia, here is one last picture for your scrapbook

Friday, August 27, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mission Statement - Mother

Sylvia’s Mission Statement
You already have met my daughter Cassandra, who was, like me, born with the incorrect body parts. I struggled with my sexuality from my teenage years through my ill advised marriage to Janet. The only positive to come out of that union was the birth of Craig. Craig was a sweet but shy and awkward boy. But it wasn’t until he was reborn as Cassie that she became my daughter.

Now – I felt so miserable that my baby and I were apart, and I felt that I had let them down. But as my counselors and sisters in the T-girl universe supported me, I grew in confidence.

Much like Craig, his “seed giver” Stu was pretty much a loser as guy, but as Syl, I grew into this blonde, stacked body with a sexual appetite to match. I came out of SRS the blonde goddess of every man’s dream, and boy oh boy, I went to town. I had many lovers of all genders, but I had a special lust for buff men with the kind of equipment that ol’ Stuart never dreamed of. But how did I feel that one night when Craig peeked in on me and Big Tony?

Sure I was somewhat embarrassed but I was a woman enjoying her man’s cock and I sort of noticed that my son wasn’t so much mortified as turned on. Did the apple fall very well from the tree? Suddenly I felt something new as I had my embarrassed child in from of me – I felt motherly. I saw in his eyes – her eyes – someone that I knew that I could nurture, hold, hug, kiss, and encourage to come out of her shell.

I took Cass by the hand to my room, and as my T-sisters did for me, I did for my baby girl. Hello, gorgeous! Now I waited until she was 17 to begin administering hormones, and for her 18th birthday – I gave her a night with Tony! She looked so flush with passion, sweat, and cum as his big black tool invaded her back door “pussy”. Like mom, like daughter eh?

Both of us with long hair, boobs, ass, and pretty boy clitties. We shopped until we dropped, and we made every man hard in our slinky dresses, fuck-me heels and full red lips. And for the longest time, we didn’t care if you thought we were sluts or not. But now, a few years later, we have steady guys; Cassie and I sometimes fantasize about a double wedding.

Maybe someday. But our guys love having sexy girlfriends who have a pretty prick tucked inside some pretty panties!

The Pageant - INTERLUDE - Staff Meeting pt 1

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mission Statement - Daughter

Cassandra’s Mission Statement

My name is Cassandra Fisher and I am 20, beautiful, smart, and have several passions. I’m studying drama at UCLA, I love to surf, and I adore fashion. And men. Well-behaved, tall, dark men with both the physical gifts and the gentle touch to make a girl scream.

And I owe my life, my heart, and my passions to my beautiful mother Sylvia Fisher, who may be 45 but is often mistaken for my twin. She is simultaneously my role model, teacher, and best friend in the world. Mothers and daughters often are at odds – but it was as we became women, that we became closer.

Ten years ago, my then-dad Stuart was kicked out of the house by the bitch who actually birthed me for being a “sissy.” At 17, I ran away from Wisconsin and travelled to Cali to locate the only parent I still loved.

Now she was Sylvia, and I immediately accepted her as my true mother – but she was still unsure how to react to me as Craig, her only son – she had become this stunning transwoman fashion photographer, but she had been apart from all family for 7 years.

At the time, I was struggling with my own male identity. One night, I was awoken by moans and a weird pounding noise. I crept towards the master bedroom of our apartment, and I snuck a peek. Some strange man was naked and he was on his back with his thick penis pointed north. The stunning Sylvia – my father who was now my mother – lowered her shapely ass down on his dick and pushed back up – her full tits flopping, her “clitty” purple and bulging, and her toned body sweaty.

She looked so full of pleasure – so happy. She opened her eyes long enough to make eye contact with me, and I scurried back to my room to take out my own building tension. The next day, I tried to apologize for spying on Mom and her lover, but she smiled and said, “My
little girl liked what she saw, hmmm?”

Those two words resonated with me as she led me back to her room for a little makeover. If Syl was a real sissy, then I guess Cassie (me) was a sissy as well. I shared her hormones, we shopped and primped together, and I even finished school wearing skirts and makeup.

On my 18
th birthday, Tony, the same stud who I saw fucking Mommy, took my ass-cherry – oh God I love being a girl! Mom snuck to the door and watched – how kinky!

Monday, August 23, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Lovely Locks (Hair Apparent)

Lovely, Luxurious Locks
I’m not really old enough to remember when my mother Leila was my “father” Leonard. Because my birth mother died at childbirth, you see. And mom began her transition to being a woman when I turned two.

My first memory of her was her lovely, luxurious locks of dark brown hair – it seemed that once she gave up her male haircuts and began the hormonal treatments, her already longish hair became almost like pure silk. I loved playing with it as she held me in her arms. I also seemed to be interested in the bouncy things on her chest.

She never did have plastic surgery so the hormones gave her a delicate cup size; she speculated that I instinctively wanted her to nurse me. She said she would have given anything for that to be possible, as she completely accepted her motherly role. I was the center of her universe.

But my aunties were eager to have her get out into the dating scene, and after taking her shopping, they set her up on a blind date with Ed, a nice local merchant.

Mommy looked so lovely with her pretty sundress and her hair blowing in the wind. Ed didn’t stand a chance – he was hooked. Mom was so nervous but the aunties insisted that they would watch me.

But as soon as the couple left, they took me into the bedroom where they washed and combed my hair – I guess I also inherited the luxurious locks gene – and then had me step into a pretty princess dress, and added a flower headband.

“Oh look at you, Peter, you look as pretty as your Mama! Oh but we need a girls’ name for you!”

So when Ed and Leila returned , hand in hand, they saw the debut of little Miss Portia, the three year old with the loveliest, most luxurious locks in the world! Even at my tender age, I knew I was hot stuff!

Mom wanted to be angry with her sisters, but she couldn’t stop whirling me around in my pretty dress or playing with hair – how ironic. The die was cast, and within two years Mom had her operation – a new husband, Ed – and a daughter to raise.

And this week, as we are getting together to plan my wedding in June, we’re going through our photo albums. This picture reminds us both of that wonderful day when we became mother and daughter.

Of course nowadays – with our lovely long hair – people think we are sisters! ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Start Your Engines!

Gentlemen… Make that… Ladies!

Wes Sterling Sr. was a 25 year veteran driver on the NASCAR circuit, and his career was solid but never spectacular. A few top ten finishes but never a winner at Daytona, Bristol, or ‘Dega. Now at 50, he wanted to own a team and put his son Wesley Jr. on the fast track to Sprint Cup superstardom. The Sterlings would do anything to be thought of like the Pettys, Earnhardts, or Jarretts.

Short of sponsors and unable to attract top flight mechanics, crew or vehicles, they were approached by a lovely lady in a slinky red dress. It was clear that Lucy represented her father, who could promise the duo full backing and unlimited resources in exchange for a “fair” contract. Knowing full well the implications of dealing with the devil, the Sterlings signed on. Their fate was sealed – as the evil magic changed them both.

Flash forward three years later. Spitfire Racing’s Winnie Sterling, at age 24, was a championship driver and a media bonfire. The shapely brunette drove 500 miles every Sunday and drove men wild with passion in the pages of Playboy’s Girls of Racing. Of particular interest was the photo taken of her and her luscious mother/crew chief Wendy Sterling – both were baring their bosom in a provocative hood-straddling shot.

Wes Senior’s racing identity was recast as the pioneering Wendy who was no more successful than Wes but better known as a NASCAR pioneer for racing ladies. But their reputations took a shot – while Wes was known as a God-fearing, family man, Wendy was known as a garage harlot, and several of the good old boys had plenty of stories about her sexual exploits.

Ashamed of her behavior, Wendy saw Winnie going down the same path with horny crewmen , and their “boss” had planned on impregnating the younger girl with his demon seed. Together, mom and daughter bonded and their greater love for each other forced the Dark Prince to go elsewhere to spawn. He agreed to leave them in female form and while their racing careers were over, they regained their dignity.

Wendy and Winnie later each married men who were their trackside rivals.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Special Xmas in August Edition

Watch What You Wish For!

A holiday story that’s always in season :)

Mike: Son - at least you were my son and I was your father – this may prove that there is a Santa Claus, and that old Saint Nick has a very interesting – and peculiar sense of humor!

Heath: Well, I did ask for this rad snowboard, Dad, but I also asked him for a pet rabbit!

Melissa: Well – I guess he combined the two; you are going to grow up to be snow bunny! You look so cute in pink, honey. You’ll have plenty of boys interested in you as you mature.

Hannah: Well, I’m 13 next month – Mom! And why are you a 38 year old woman now – and why is my history teacher now your boyfriend?

Melissa: You know that I was eager to jump start my social life – I did ask Santa to find me someone nice and attractive. Wasn’t Scott Peters nice to take us both to Aspen with him and his daughter? And then we’ll take both of you to Denver to see Justin Bieber in concert!

Hannah: Oh my God, he’s just so HOT, Mom!

Melissa: (laughs) Really? Maybe he’ll kiss you!

Hannah: And maybe Mr. Peters will kiss you!

Mother and daughter sighed and hugged each other. They loved their new bodies and feelings.

A jolly elf watched them, smiled and then returned to his sleigh and reindeer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

The Amazon rain forest is home to thousands of species, many distinct cultures and it’s a place where science and mythology do battle. Professor Colin O’Keefe and his son Dennis spent three years in Brazil studying the mating habits of rare South American insects and how it seemed that after the female lured a hapless male into her waterborne home, using her unique pheromones and colorful wings, she seemed to devour his stem, spun a cocoon around his prone body, and a month later, it appeared the male had undergone a chromosomal gender transformation.

It was like a vampire who bit a victim, and recruited them into their dark thrall. One night, thousands of insects enveloped the O’Keefes as they slept in their tent.

A year later, the newly feminized Celeste and Deanna smiled sweetly at two colleagues they shared their amazing tale with. The new mother and daughter knew that later that night, they would seduce their guests and “devour” their manhood .

How many men would become women this way – and how many of them would enjoy it?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Pageant Chapter 3.8: New York State of Mind CONCLUSION

ANNIE'S CAPS - Reunion at Seagrass

Reunion at Seagrass

Brothers Caleb (19) and Victor (20) were headed for Daytona to for Spring Break – and all the honeys they could get their hands on, when their Dad Bruce (45) told them that he had reconnected with his long-estranged father, and that their grandfather wanted to meet the boys.

His sons argued but Dad’s word was law, so they drove 500 miles to the seaside town of Seagrass. Arriving at an old Victorian home, the boys entered the open door and didn’t see either Bruce or his dad Thomas. But their was some cold lemonade in a pitcher, and the thristy boys drank it down.

They then felt lightheaded and fell asleep on Thomas’s ottoman. They awoke having longer hair, smaller and curvier bodies, and were missing a longtime “friend”.

See, Thomas hadn’t been Thomas in 25 years – a magic elixir turned the ex-gambler into Tessa, who was still shapely for 70 years young. After years of guilt, Tessa reached out to Bruce, and gave Bruce some of the same lemonade, and now she was Bonnie, an attractive lady. Bonnie’s new daughters - Cyndi and Valerie – got caught in the wash of their new feminine hormones and embraced their mom and “nana.”

To celebrate this reunion, Tessa took her family to the local beach, where three generations of transformed males did what girls like to do; check out hot guys and giggle about which ones were the best endowed!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MOTB Tales: Role Playing II

MOTB Tales

Role Playing pt 2

“Look who is also going to be in the wedding, sweetie. Your cousins Angie and Nora are also bridesmaids, and Nora’s darling daughter Zoey will be your precious ring bearer. And of course, Zoey’s grand mom, your Aunt Wendy is also here – looking pretty sexy for a Cornhusker farm gal in that dress!”

Lisa’s painted mouth was agape. Her Uncle Walt (52) was the last person on earth that she expected to see tolerant of Lisa’s life choices – much less seeing her in Oregon – DRESSSED AS A WOMAN!

Not to mention seeing Walt’s boys Neal (24), Allen (20) – two farm boys who were as conservative as their dad – with long hair and curvy bodies that would draw lots of guys’ interest. Even Neal’s only child Zachary (3) had gone girly and was the cutest thing!

“The bad economy and recent storms made all of us rethink about staying on the farm,” Nora said.

“And Aunt Marcia’s friend Miss Betty showed us our inner beauty,” Angie smiled.

“Even my cute little granddaughter,” cooed Wendy. “We’ve decided to stay here in Oregon and restart our lives as women – and be one big happy family!”

Later that night, the Hough bridal party (sans Zoey – Betty’s daughter played babysitter) stayed out late for Lisa’s wild bachelorette party!