Sunday, July 25, 2010

ORIGINAL CAP-FIC "Family Business" pt 5 - CONCLUSION? Rated NC17 ;)

Family Business


Elliott Kline as

Elizabeth Katz


Joshua Kline as

Jessica Katz

Original Story by

Annabelle Raven

Images by their rights holders

JESS: Oh yea, and in the morning, we “woke up” Senior with a stereo blowjob! I think we definitely earned that additional $5000 – even if we did have to give a $2500 to that shmuck Stewart! What a ripoff!

LIZ: It’s worth it – I mean, he did save our pretty little asses that night. And he does all of our bookings and background checks. He treats both of us very well, dear, and of course, being the harlots we are, we’re to let him fuck us on off days – he is big boy you know. And Ricky is too, but now he’s busy with studying at the dental school. I miss that kid – very sweet and a great fuck!

JESS: You said it Mom – but getting back to our new business. Kitty Katz Social Club is our new name – cousin Bruce who’s going to be a CPA helped us set up the LLC. Technically, we’re not an escort service because that would be illegal. We are a merely entertainers – that is if you considering having your way with mother and daughter shemales “entertainment.” At $10,000 a night, I think a lot of rich horny guys like our brand of “show business!” We’re very busy little bees – too busy!

LIZ: And that’s why last week, we expanded our business. We’ve brought on some new associates! Come meet the newest members of the “family!”

LIZ: Gentlemen – please meet our new associates. All the way from the Motor City – this is Julian Rockwell and his father Lewis – but you can now refer to them as pretty Miss Jaclyn and her sexy mother Lynette!

JESS: Sexy is right. You know ladies – my mom and i defiunitely take pride in being "chocoholics!"

And we take pride in being chocolate candy with “nuts” if you know what I’m sayin! My whole life, Mama and I wished could look this fierce, and get paid to fuck some fine men!

LYN: Baby, you’re right, it’s a dream came true, and we can’t thank you both enough! But I got a question: how the in HELL did two skinny white gurls end up with such big, fat cocks?

LIZ: Very simple dear! It’s in our genetic code! Having a big salami is part of being Jewish! You know, Milton Berle was– so they say – HUGE!

JESS: Enough dick talk! I’m about ready to cream my panties at the site of your ghetto booties! Here’s my idea – let’s hit the club and dance with every stud, then come back our place for a 2 mom, 2 daughter Tgirl “jungle love fuck fest.” Who’s in?


LIZ: You know you don’t have ask me twice! IN!

EPILOGUE (A month later)

LYN: You know, Senator, that’s the first time Jaclyn and I have been asked if we take credit cards. Honey, do you know if we do?

JACKI: I’m really not sure Mama. Let me call text Miss Jessie or Auntie Liz and find out.

LYN: Aw, hell no… look, we’re standing here in the most sinful lingerie – all three of us are going get blue balls waiting to get an answer. Let’s get to fucking and we’ll call them in the morning! Baby, break out the whipped cream! Time for a “hot fudge” sundae – with nuts!

JACKI: (Giggle) Just call us desserts!

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