Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ORIGINAL CAP-FIC "Family Business" pt 4 Rated NC17 ;)

Family Business


Elliott Kline as

Elizabeth Katz


Joshua Kline as

Jessica Katz

Original Story by

Annabelle Raven

Images by their rights holders

LIZ: While Jess and I had visions of sailing off into the sunset with two dreamboats, the truth was that because of our in-between gender status, they didn’t see a future as our husbands – but rather as two boy-girls to fool around with. What is it with MEN?

JESS: No shit Mom. I mean, why is having a va-jay-jay so important? Hello, you fucked us in the ass, and you were LOVED it – hell, maybe we should have returned the favor!

LIZ: I guess at some point those guys got worried that what they were doing was “gay”. Which is crazy – do I look like (holds her breasts) a man? Ever seen Janet Reno – now that’s a man with a… you know…. sorry for the icky visual honey...

JESS: Ewww, gross… but more important than being ditched to the curb like two skanks – we were running out of MONEY!

LIZ: Sadly, the trust fund your great Aunt Miriam set up for me was starting to deplete – CD rates stink, and the market’s been horrid. And somebody was being pretty outlandish with her spending habits..

JESS: So says the woman who practically brought the Italian economy back from ruin. Care to tell them how many Vitton bags you acquired this month alone?

LIZ: They were on sale – just like those Jimmy Choos you bought. By the way, Carrie Bradshaw called to say you have an obsession with designer shoes. (giggle)

JESS: Touché, mama. Anyhoo – we had some pretty scary credit cards bills. Mom’s secretary income wasn’t going to be able to support our spending, travel, rent, and eventually, I’d have to start paying back some student loans!

LIZ: Then out of the blue – it was that letch Stewart. I wanted to hang up on him, but he then said he had a business proposition for Jessica and me. We listened.

JESS: That Saturday, we pampered and dressed for an evening under the stars. Meanwhile, I’m asking Mom if she really wants to go through with this.

LIZ: I did have my concerns, especially because I still didn’t completely trust Stewart – but giving us a $5000 up-front advance in cash helped smooth over sore feelings. And allowed us to pay some bills – OK, so we made one tiny trip to the mall.

JESS: And like with all of our misadventures, I felt no shame in being a man’s paid escort for the night. Especially if he was cute, rich – and hung!

LIZ: You’re packing a lot in YOUR panties,my little momellah! Actually we both are – and who knew that guys would actually pay big bucks to spend a night with a couple of good Jewish trannys like us?

JESS: They were so sweet coming to pick us up with flowers, and they were dressed so welll. And then we realized that they were both named George J------ ; they were FATHER and SON! When we realized that fun fact, I still looked at Mom and we nearly died of laughter! How ironic is that?

LIZ: No kidding – but they were definitely two sides of the same coin – both of them had nice hard dicks for riding, and lots of stamina. Well Junior did outlast his father, who dozed off. Which is why he got the Katz Kitten double special – two brown eyed babes with schlongs in our panties! And at his tender age, he had the necessary stamina!

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