Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ORIGINAL CAP-FIC "Family Business" pt 3 Rated NC17 ;)

Family Business


Elliott Kline as

Elizabeth Katz


Joshua Kline as

Jessica Katz

Original Story by

Annabelle Raven

Images by their rights holders

JESS: We had the boys meet us at the restaurant. That way, mom and I could make a seriously fierce entrance. You should have seen their eyes light up!

LIZ: I think we were more nervous and horny than they were. We had gaffes on so our Miss Happies wouldn’t show. But every time I saw Jess’s tight and taut rear end, I thought of how nice and curvy both of our butts turned out. God that was such a turn on – that and knowing that our men would also see them.

JESS: I swear, in just a few months, we had the whole flirty thing down. Playing with our hair, biting our lips, hand holding, and “accidentally” brushing your hand in their lap… I made sure Ricky was ready – I knew he was ready to burst!

LIZ: I had slipped off my heels and was playing footsie with Stewart, and my foot just happened to find its way to his crotch. Oh, we had ‘em where we wanted.

JESS: They “made” us sit in their laps in the taxi. We looked as each other, both of us crazy from the sensation of their tent poles pushing against our bum-bums.

LIZ: So who can blame us for kissing each other right their in the cab? The boys were amazed and shocked but they LOVED it. So did the cabbie. I’m just glad he didn’t crash – but somehow we made it back to our building in one piece!

JESS: That elevator ride up seemed to take forever. We made out with them – their hands were all over our tits, our asses, everywhere. They dry-humped us!

LIZ: Finally, we closed the door behind us, and let the boys to the sofa. I looked at my daughter, she looked at me, and then we looked at the men with evil intent. The boys unbuckled, and two fat, red cocks popped out.

JESS: I just followed your lead. You licked Stew’s head, I licked Ricky’s. You dragged your tongue down his shaft, I did the same. They both put their hands in our hair, and face fucked us both. We just looked at each other with meat between our red lips. Then Ricky came, and my throat was full.

LIZ: Stewart came just about the same time, and even though I knew what would happen, it still overwhelmed my virgin mouth. Spunk dribbled down my chin – just as it did with Jess. We were now true cocksuckers!

JESS: My “little girl” was now pressing through my gaffe, and I saw a little dark spot on Mom’s dress. So I knew we both needed quick relief.

LIZ: She pulled the rest of her dress off, showing off her sexy skimpy bra and panties. She then undressed me, kissing me lovingly, and looked at the guys and cooed, “We have two things we’d like to show you now.”

JESS: I may have been risked my health by exposing mom and I as pre-op she-males, but I figured we were all too horny to give a shit. I pulled down mom’s gaffe panties and Miss Happy was wet from pre-cum. She returned my favor, and I was hard as stone. We got in the 69 position and sucked.

LIZ: After a few minutes I knew our dates would be hard again. I looked up and said “Whenever you are ready to join us – there’s some lubricant in the kitchen. Then I returned to sucking on Jessica’s dick until we both came.

JESS: As we snuggled on the bed, cuddling and kissing, the boys came in. They were nude and they had hot bodies, and their sweet dicks were back in business. I looked at mom and smiled and she smiled back. The guys lifted our legs on their shoulders and lubed up our “pussies” real good.

LIZ: My girl and I held hands as the boys penetrated our O rings. We cried out together, holding hands the whole time. As they began to fuck us, I moaned Rick, you better make my daughter scream by fucking her silly!

JESS: And I yelled Stewart, keep pumping that cock in my mommy’s asshole over and over and over again! I don’t remember much after that, but hours later we both woke up very sore, sticky, and totally feeling like true women!

LIZ: Well, I’m sure you probably think that my daughter and I are two of the most outrageous whores in history based on that story – and I’m not going to apologize for breaking several taboos and possibly the downfall of Western Civilization. Well, maybe a little. It’s part of our heritage. I’m just a good Jewish mother at heart – a Jewish mother with a five inch salami in her panties. Ask Jess how much of a real live Yenta I am!

JESS: A decade ago, you held my Bar Mitzvah, and in the eyes of God, I became a “man.” That night in our apartment, I didn’t feel very “manly.” Had we been able to be our true selves years ago, you

could have asked Rabbi Levin to gone a little further with his cut during my bris, and I could have grown up a pretty little eunuch.

LIZ: Darling, there’s no point lamenting about how we lived before and who we are now. We’re just a couple of shiksas with really big clitorises! But that doesn’t mean we’re any less women, and certainly not anything but Elizabeth and Jessica Katz – the Katz Kittens! I love you so much, my little pussycat! (kiss)

JESS: (Kiss) Pussy. Katz. Oh the irony is thick here – about as thick as the purple head on your cockette! You know, I love you more than anything, Mom – but for a while there, after Ricky and Stewart had their way with us – I thought about what it be like to be Rick’s little housefrau, and I know you were fantasizing about luring Stew into a proposal. But in the end – nobody was going to be there for me - as a friend, a lover, and as family - more than you, and vice versa. As husbands, they would have been second fiddle to our love!

LIZ: That, and I think they couldn’t see beyond our genitalia!

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