Saturday, July 3, 2010

ORIGINAL CAP-FIC "Family Business" pt 2

Family Business


Elliott Kline as

Elizabeth Katz


Joshua Kline as

Jessica Katz

Original Story by

Annabelle Raven

Images by their rights holders

JESS: (Giggle) it gets a little fuzzy from here. What was in those fruity drinks, Mom?

LIZ: A love potion? (snicker) Whatever – I was just mesmerized as he took you in his arms. You looked so girlish! Then I noticed a some hands around MY waist – Stewart’s hands! Then… he cupped my new boobies. I closed my eyes and sighed. Then I felt it… that is...

JESS: Say it Mom! You felt the bulge in his pants. You felt his trouser snake. I felt it too! Ricky’s hard on that is. He was … pretty big. Bigger than I had ever seen in my life!

LIZ: You’re such a size queen. Jessica. Of course, I noticed Stewart’s “gift” as well…

JESS: It was unbelievable. I knew that by becoming a pretty girl, I’d have to decide if I wanted to be with a man – as a woman – sexually…

LIZ: Me too. A very frantic feeling. I mean, I loved dressing up and romantic feelings. But to think about making love to a man?

JESS: A couple of hours later the guys took us home. The good night kisses left both of us pretty breathless. I looked at Mom…

LIZ: At first… I just wanted to hold my baby girl… let her know that we could help each other walk down the path…

JESS: Then it got real crazy. I looked at Mom with her soft brown eyes… ruby red lips… curvy shape… (sigh) I just kissed her gently, but it… it didn’t’ stop. I pulled her dress down, and freed her beautiful titties from their brace. I just couldn’t stop… nibbling…. Mommy…

LIZ: Breathe, sweetie. While I was going out of my mind with pleasure, my hand rested on top of your belly… and drifted down to find your little “trouble maker”… mmmm and then… oooowe lost all control!

JESS: I think didn’t leave the house for days! We couldn’t keep our pretty hands off each other. Each kiss, each caress. I learned how to use my fingers and tongue to make Mom squeal and cry out in several octaves!

LIZ: Hey - I’m not the only “diva” in bed sweetie! I think we bought learned just how much more powerful the female orgasm is!

JESS: Oh, we learned just how incredible it feels to have a had, juicy thing in our mouths or in our butts. Even with all the hormones, our “Miss Happy” loved the attention. We may have been wimpy, geeky guys but I fell in love with cock thanks to Lizzie the MILF-male!

LIZ: Ha-ha, I may be a cougar but you’re a real sex kitten , baby girl. When you penetrated me with your “clit” I knew it was so wrong and so perverse. Is it immoral? Maybe – probably! But I like to think it’s what gave us both a new purpose. I want us to be the sexiest T-mom and T-daughter in the world! We’re beautiful, we’ve got money and we have each other. And men would kill to have us, to possess us, to seduce us and fuck us until we collapsed in sweat, cum, & joy! While lying in bed, snuggling, we talked about what we wanted out of life and how to get it. But first, we needed to cross that barrier – together. We called our would-be boyfriends, Stewart and Ricky, and we arranged a memorable second double date !

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