Sunday, July 25, 2010

Generation Gendergirl: 3G Social Club



who would like to meet and date some lovely 3G moms and daughters

INTRODUCING – The 3G Social Club

“No man would ever come between Alicia and I… but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to spend some time with some nice guys.” – Eve O’Malley (RIGHT, WITH ALICIA)

Since its formation, Generation Gendergirls (3G) has helped countless fathers and sons (who were really mothers and daughters) live life on their terms – with female bodies, positive attitudes, and the bonds of family. Now 3G would like to help men who are perfectly happy and content as guys, but have a special attraction to transgender ladies, to have some fun and perhaps move on to something very special…

The 3G Social Club welcomes submissions from both 3G families – newly christened moms, daughters, aunts, grandmoms, et al… and men who are responsible, clean, single, and open-minded. We match people based on their family unit. For

example, after Eddie O’Malley (42) and his son Adam (17) joined 3G and were reborn as the pretty redheads Eve and daughter Alicia, they both inquired into the Social Club to set up a double date with a father and son who would be sweet, kind, and attentive.

“I told Alicia to not worry – Mom’s nervous but excited as well,” Eve told us. “She said she had a dream were she was dancing and kissing this cute guy, then she looked over and saw me doing the same with an older guy.” I said great; let’s go have some fun with this!”

For more information, please search on 3G’s website under “Social Club”

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