Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Tradition presents "Family Business"

Family Business


Elliott Kline as

Elizabeth Katz


Joshua Kline as

Jessica Katz

Original Story by

Annabelle Raven

Images by their rights holders

Friday, 7:30 PM – The Sparx Nightclub, downtown

JESS: We greet our clients with bright smiles, and introduce ourselves. George Sr. is a rugged but smartly dressed electrical contractor, and Junior is a senior at Tech who will soon join the family business. They order drinks and we shoot the shit. Junior’s undressing me with his eyes, so I move a little closer and rub my toes against his thigh. Ah yes, he’s noticed. And now Senior had taken Mom’s hand and she’s “modestly” giggling at his jokes as if he’s the greatest comic.

LIZ: It’s called flirting, my dear daughter. But it is amazing - in one year, we’ve gone from nothing- happening father and son to a pair of hot T-girl escorts. How did this happen??

Let’s go back in time…

LIZ: I guess I should have realized that the apple hadn’t fallen too far from the tree. I had cross-dressed since I as Jess’s age. To come home one day and find my son looking pretty cute in a blouse and skirt was quite the shock – and considering that my shrew of an ex – Josh’s birth mom – was long gone when this happened, there was only place she could get clothes from – so much for my secret closet!

JESS: I knew my dad had this “second self” and I wasn’t going to interfere. But after constantly striking out with girls, I was frustrated and a little horny, and I wondered “What does he like with all of this frilly stuff?” So I tried it, and I liked it. I really felt so comfy! So I decided to surprise her, and that day was so great because we both got dressed and just enjoyed acting as mom and daughter. We laughed so much!

LIZ: And it was at lot less stressful not having to hide “Liz” and having a “mini me” to hang out with. We just grew so close, and it made sense once my Aunt Zelda’s will gave us unlimited income to jump into femininity head first. The Kline guys became the Katz “kittens”. We moved to the coast, sought counseling, and threw away every piece of male clothing. We were happy – but it was soon in danger!

JESS: Soon all the padding wasn’t even necessary. The hormones kicked in, our hair grew out so long and luxurious, and so long as we kept our genitalia hidden, you’d never know we were not genetically born women. We just loved shopping, and one day while checking out party dresses, we had a little chat – a very interesting little chat!

LIZ: Neither of us to that point had talked about sexuality, but considering how our bodies were changing and the chemicals playing with our psyches, it was obvious that we needed to address our want and desires, and to support each other… but how?

JESS: We both admitted – we had this fantasy of being escorted to a fancy dance in a sexy gown by a handsome man – taller than we were (well we were both under 5-6) and beyond that, we weren't sure how we felt. Kissing a guy, maybe a little tongue?

LIZ: I had started working as a demure little secretary and Jessica was taking classes at the local college, and one of her classmates actually asked her out. And then…

JESS: I didn’t want to be alone with a guy – yet, so I said I was going to dinner with my mom. Two girls stag – say, Ricky, do you know anyone who could join us?

LIZ: I was shocked to find out that Ricky’s cousin Stewart was a neighbor of ours! This guy had seen my on the street and always said hello – I had no idea he was single.

JESS: And he definitely was attracted to you early on! So we pampered ourselves at the salon, and we got into this slinky numbers – me in teal, and mom in the sexy LBD!

LIZ: The guys GUSHED about how we looked. I felt a lot of pride, and you couldn’t stop blushing. But that was the birth of our feminine egos – our sexual side.

JESS: We were so into the roles of the girls on a date. The boys held the door open for us, ordered for us, and later when we stopped by this club…

LIZ: Ok that’s where this story gets really interesting. Now the kids are always playing this hip hop but Stew and I really got into it. We were shaking what the good Lord (and Dr. Jonas) gave us….and then I see my former son making out with her date Ricky!

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