Monday, July 19, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Super Saints Sex Change Story


Dennis LeFleur (35) and his nephew Evan (20) are New Orleans natives and passionate Saints fans. Last year, these formally burly longshoremen made a deal via a local voodoo queen that if their team could finally win the Super Bowl, they’d give up their… well, you can see what they gave up, and got in return were two sexy female bodies and identities as Delores and niece Eliza.

Our new heroines winced in shame as they made their debut as exotic dancers at the hottest gentleman’s club in the Quarter. But after the Saints beat the Colts and the Big Easy had the wildest Mardi Gras of all time, both former men lost all their inhibitions; they went topless for beads, partied for days, and had more hook-ups than Drew Brees did with his receivers! They loved their hot new bodies and they loved being women together!

The voodoo queen sighed. That fall, lots of guys, including many fathers, sons, and even a few grandpas had made similar deals with the devil. Now N’awlins had a Super Bowl champ and a lot of sexy new Saints fans! God help everyone if the team repeats as champs in 2011

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