Sunday, July 18, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - My Father is Going to Steal My Boyfriends!

My Father is Going to Steal My Boyfriends!

It’s not that Lochan “Lon” Mehra didn’t want to see his father Rajesh “Raj” (47) happy. They both grieved the loss of their beloved mother and wife, and they both were devoted to operating Atmaja’s Desi themed boutique. Atmaja always thought that Lon had a natural girlishness to him, so she had made him up as Lakshmi, and at age 21, Lea was as beautiful as any Bollywood goddess and it seemed that hundreds of men had asked for her hand in marriage.

One day, Raj decided to join Lon in the back room where Attie had done her magic. Now Lea had a new Maa, and Ramani “Rae” shared Lea’s soft features and bedroom eyes. Now both of them were getting a lot of male attention, and yes, Lea was a little jealous, but being girls, she was now closer than ever to her parent, and both her and Rae both had plenty of handsome rich men to flirt with and dress sexy for! They both dream of donning wedding sarees!

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