Saturday, July 17, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: MOTB, SOTB, GMOTB and the B herself...

FOTB Family of the Bride

Just five years ago, Gordon Billings, his son Ron, and grandsons Jake and Denny, all woke up feeling “a little queasy” after bathing in thatunusually soothing thermal spring

that they found in the high Country. Ron had promised his family an “experience that they always remember!”

Today, on the day Deanna (20) becomes Troy’s bride, she makes her way back down to that spring with her beautiful bridal party –sister Jennie (21), grandma Glenda (62) , and mom Rena (41) for a private ceremony.

They will shed their gorgeous gowns for a “girls-only” ritual - thanking the powers that brought them such joy as a family of loving females. Each will also take a small bottle of spring water back with them, to add their regular bath water.

Deanna plans on adding the spring water to her bath before she seduces Troy on their wedding night.

Rena will also being “playing house” with her new fiancee Buck, while Jennie and Glenda take off on romantic vacations with their escorts!

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