Thursday, July 29, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Gotta Be The Shoes!

Gotta Be The Shoes! starring Wendy and Danielle
Single dad Wes, 38, was struggling to provide for his himself and his son David, 16, after his ex-wife cleaned him out in divorce court. Wes took a second job stocking shoes at the mall store, and soon David was helping out part time as well.

One night father and son were stacking ladies’ black sandals with 3 inch heels when a couple of boxes fell on the floor, and the Italian leather seemed to glow like it was magically charged with pixie dust. Something compelled them to slip off their beat up sneakers and slip on the heels.

Their bodies shrank and reshaped, long brown hair grew down their backs, and a feeling of inner peace settled upon them. Realizing that they were now cute single mom Wendy and lovely daughter Danielle, they loved how the shoes made their legs look long and luscious –not to mention how their tushies were now tight and would be make every man notice.

Nobody seemed to remember Wes and David – their new identities and attitudes now in place, a mother/daughter shopping expedition was launched. It seemed that what powers made sexy ladies of the lads, it also gave them economic freedom.

This was explained that Victor, to a noted fashion photographer, had hired our heroines to show off their gams – any excuse where those lovely heels. Wendy also enjoyed flirting with Victor and she encouraged her daughter to use her new feminine charms to land a cute boyfriend!

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