Sunday, July 4, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: Dear Stella (Happy Fourth, Girls!)

Dear Stella,


Ten years ago today, you abandoned me, your husband Mark, and your eight year old son Trent, for some shyster real estate baron who was willing to pay for your boob job.

You said with a sneer that Tony was 10 times the man I was… and you were right! You made me face the gender identity of who I was really was… a sexy lady named Madeline. And because I decided to live life on my terms and stopping living as a hapless man, it inspired Trent to face her desires to become MY daughter!

Not your daughter… she despises you more than I do, and Tricia says I am her real mommy and feminine role model. And thanks to the hormones, our tits are much more round and realistic than yours!

My husband (who didn’t lose his fortune when the real estate bubble burst) loves playing with my “girls” when I ride him in bed. God I love being a woman – and I love watching this pretty little girl mature into an adult as well!

2 days ago, my Gary took Tricia to Miami Beach , and last night my baby seduced Tim, a handsome college football player. I taught her how get she can ANYTHING she wants from men. ANYTHING!

Stella – Tricia and I just to thank you for being such an arrogant bitch. We couldn’t be happier, and it’s too bad that you’re broke, ruined, and alone. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving cunt.

Here is a photo that her Tim took of us. But tonight, Tim is going to fuck me, and Trish will bed her stepdad – because we can!

Ciao, bitch! Maddie

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