Thursday, July 22, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Curse of Sister Irina


Raising three sons in the wake of his wife’s sudden passing was rarely easy for Eric Barrow, 44. He tried his best to make solid upstanding young men out of Brian (19), Heath (16), and Marc (14), but as the saying goes – boys will be boys.

That is, until they caught the ire of Sister Irina, the eccentric old bat who seemed to despise all men, and the Barrow boys in particular. After Irina caught the lads making fun of some nerdy little girls who were discussing Edward and Jacob and the latest vampire blockbuster, she cast a spell on the three teens, and also cursed the “irresponsible father.” Irina’s curse manifested itself as the family lay sleeping in their beds.

Eric woke up with long raven hair, a pair of full breasts, and was missing something she had the night before. Somehow now wearing a slinky gown, the newly borne Ellen gracefully went down to the family den where three lovely girls – Ellen’s “daughters” Bridget, Hannah and Maya, sat on the couch in their own silky dresses, completely mesmerized by the DVD playing, wanting nothing more than to be the lovely heroine Bella, longing for her forbidden undead love.

Ellen, too, was enraptured, and Irina’s curse was complete. Father and sons were now “bitten” by femininity, and the three sisters – and their mother – had a true “hunger” for the male of the species…

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