Saturday, July 24, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Crime Doesn't Pay... but...


Alvin Slater stood to make millions by helping the mob run drugs into the US, but he worried about the way a life of crime would affect his sons if he was jailed or died – could even their lives be in jeopardy?

“You did the right thing, Al,” said the DEA agent who promised that the feds would take care of keeping him, Tommy , and Joe safe.

Karma sometimes is a bitch – but this time being a bitch was good karma. The boys resisted the new female identities – until they realized, along with “Mom” – that being pretty sexy blondes brought them closer, and made them all very popular!

Angie now has her lover, a hunky tycoon, under her spell – and she plans on teaching her daughters how to get ANYTHING they want from a guy. Tiff and Jules will soon be stealing hearts and making men quiver – and it’s all perfectly legal.

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