Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game

Brothers Michael (16) and Trent (17) Sullivan had a love of soccer instilled from an early age by their football loving father, Keith (39). They played for the local high school, and they knew tactics as well as any player, but they lacked size and power, so their game was feisty but limited. They always missed the cut with the boys’ team, but Keith promised to talk to his old school chum, soccer Coach Ron Perez.

Then, Keith came back with a bizarre offer – the girls’ soccer team needed two skilled players or else they would not be able to compete this season, and the girls’ program would be disbanded. Oddly, Dad was encouraging this, and in the name of school spirit, the boys trudged down to the local salon for an eye-opening identity female makeover.

The beauticians recast Mike as brunette cutie Maria and Trent as the blonde hottie Taryn. Prosthetics gave them curvy but athletic shapes. With long legs that looked really sexy in soccer bottoms and shin guards, the new sisters gushed over their transformations.

Then Ron Perez entered the room hand-in-hand with a beautiful blonde woman. The only thing Keith loved more than soccer or his family was posing as the desirable Kellie – and now she would fulfill four dreams – stunning woman, Ron’s girlfriend, the girls’ mother, and new coach of the girls’ soccer team!

Maria & Taryn were so happy to share the game they loved and their new female pride with their sexy mom. A hormonal regimen helped bring out the babes inside all three.

Back at school, the sisters wasted no time in seeking and acquiring hunky boyfriends – their long time soccer mates. Under Kellie’s guidance , with her daughters athleticism and passion, the school won it’s first title ever! The trio celebrated their success with their teammates - and their men!

The family was never closer. Both girls won scholarships to play in college. The summer before Maria joined her older sis at State, they went gown shopping with Mom – they would be her bridesmaids in Kellie’s dream wedding!

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