Thursday, July 29, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Gotta Be The Shoes!

Gotta Be The Shoes! starring Wendy and Danielle
Single dad Wes, 38, was struggling to provide for his himself and his son David, 16, after his ex-wife cleaned him out in divorce court. Wes took a second job stocking shoes at the mall store, and soon David was helping out part time as well.

One night father and son were stacking ladies’ black sandals with 3 inch heels when a couple of boxes fell on the floor, and the Italian leather seemed to glow like it was magically charged with pixie dust. Something compelled them to slip off their beat up sneakers and slip on the heels.

Their bodies shrank and reshaped, long brown hair grew down their backs, and a feeling of inner peace settled upon them. Realizing that they were now cute single mom Wendy and lovely daughter Danielle, they loved how the shoes made their legs look long and luscious –not to mention how their tushies were now tight and would be make every man notice.

Nobody seemed to remember Wes and David – their new identities and attitudes now in place, a mother/daughter shopping expedition was launched. It seemed that what powers made sexy ladies of the lads, it also gave them economic freedom.

This was explained that Victor, to a noted fashion photographer, had hired our heroines to show off their gams – any excuse where those lovely heels. Wendy also enjoyed flirting with Victor and she encouraged her daughter to use her new feminine charms to land a cute boyfriend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game

Brothers Michael (16) and Trent (17) Sullivan had a love of soccer instilled from an early age by their football loving father, Keith (39). They played for the local high school, and they knew tactics as well as any player, but they lacked size and power, so their game was feisty but limited. They always missed the cut with the boys’ team, but Keith promised to talk to his old school chum, soccer Coach Ron Perez.

Then, Keith came back with a bizarre offer – the girls’ soccer team needed two skilled players or else they would not be able to compete this season, and the girls’ program would be disbanded. Oddly, Dad was encouraging this, and in the name of school spirit, the boys trudged down to the local salon for an eye-opening identity female makeover.

The beauticians recast Mike as brunette cutie Maria and Trent as the blonde hottie Taryn. Prosthetics gave them curvy but athletic shapes. With long legs that looked really sexy in soccer bottoms and shin guards, the new sisters gushed over their transformations.

Then Ron Perez entered the room hand-in-hand with a beautiful blonde woman. The only thing Keith loved more than soccer or his family was posing as the desirable Kellie – and now she would fulfill four dreams – stunning woman, Ron’s girlfriend, the girls’ mother, and new coach of the girls’ soccer team!

Maria & Taryn were so happy to share the game they loved and their new female pride with their sexy mom. A hormonal regimen helped bring out the babes inside all three.

Back at school, the sisters wasted no time in seeking and acquiring hunky boyfriends – their long time soccer mates. Under Kellie’s guidance , with her daughters athleticism and passion, the school won it’s first title ever! The trio celebrated their success with their teammates - and their men!

The family was never closer. Both girls won scholarships to play in college. The summer before Maria joined her older sis at State, they went gown shopping with Mom – they would be her bridesmaids in Kellie’s dream wedding!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Generation Gendergirl: 3G Social Club



who would like to meet and date some lovely 3G moms and daughters

INTRODUCING – The 3G Social Club

“No man would ever come between Alicia and I… but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to spend some time with some nice guys.” – Eve O’Malley (RIGHT, WITH ALICIA)

Since its formation, Generation Gendergirls (3G) has helped countless fathers and sons (who were really mothers and daughters) live life on their terms – with female bodies, positive attitudes, and the bonds of family. Now 3G would like to help men who are perfectly happy and content as guys, but have a special attraction to transgender ladies, to have some fun and perhaps move on to something very special…

The 3G Social Club welcomes submissions from both 3G families – newly christened moms, daughters, aunts, grandmoms, et al… and men who are responsible, clean, single, and open-minded. We match people based on their family unit. For

example, after Eddie O’Malley (42) and his son Adam (17) joined 3G and were reborn as the pretty redheads Eve and daughter Alicia, they both inquired into the Social Club to set up a double date with a father and son who would be sweet, kind, and attentive.

“I told Alicia to not worry – Mom’s nervous but excited as well,” Eve told us. “She said she had a dream were she was dancing and kissing this cute guy, then she looked over and saw me doing the same with an older guy.” I said great; let’s go have some fun with this!”

For more information, please search on 3G’s website under “Social Club”

ORIGINAL CAP-FIC "Family Business" pt 5 - CONCLUSION? Rated NC17 ;)

Family Business


Elliott Kline as

Elizabeth Katz


Joshua Kline as

Jessica Katz

Original Story by

Annabelle Raven

Images by their rights holders

JESS: Oh yea, and in the morning, we “woke up” Senior with a stereo blowjob! I think we definitely earned that additional $5000 – even if we did have to give a $2500 to that shmuck Stewart! What a ripoff!

LIZ: It’s worth it – I mean, he did save our pretty little asses that night. And he does all of our bookings and background checks. He treats both of us very well, dear, and of course, being the harlots we are, we’re to let him fuck us on off days – he is big boy you know. And Ricky is too, but now he’s busy with studying at the dental school. I miss that kid – very sweet and a great fuck!

JESS: You said it Mom – but getting back to our new business. Kitty Katz Social Club is our new name – cousin Bruce who’s going to be a CPA helped us set up the LLC. Technically, we’re not an escort service because that would be illegal. We are a merely entertainers – that is if you considering having your way with mother and daughter shemales “entertainment.” At $10,000 a night, I think a lot of rich horny guys like our brand of “show business!” We’re very busy little bees – too busy!

LIZ: And that’s why last week, we expanded our business. We’ve brought on some new associates! Come meet the newest members of the “family!”

LIZ: Gentlemen – please meet our new associates. All the way from the Motor City – this is Julian Rockwell and his father Lewis – but you can now refer to them as pretty Miss Jaclyn and her sexy mother Lynette!

JESS: Sexy is right. You know ladies – my mom and i defiunitely take pride in being "chocoholics!"

And we take pride in being chocolate candy with “nuts” if you know what I’m sayin! My whole life, Mama and I wished could look this fierce, and get paid to fuck some fine men!

LYN: Baby, you’re right, it’s a dream came true, and we can’t thank you both enough! But I got a question: how the in HELL did two skinny white gurls end up with such big, fat cocks?

LIZ: Very simple dear! It’s in our genetic code! Having a big salami is part of being Jewish! You know, Milton Berle was– so they say – HUGE!

JESS: Enough dick talk! I’m about ready to cream my panties at the site of your ghetto booties! Here’s my idea – let’s hit the club and dance with every stud, then come back our place for a 2 mom, 2 daughter Tgirl “jungle love fuck fest.” Who’s in?


LIZ: You know you don’t have ask me twice! IN!

EPILOGUE (A month later)

LYN: You know, Senator, that’s the first time Jaclyn and I have been asked if we take credit cards. Honey, do you know if we do?

JACKI: I’m really not sure Mama. Let me call text Miss Jessie or Auntie Liz and find out.

LYN: Aw, hell no… look, we’re standing here in the most sinful lingerie – all three of us are going get blue balls waiting to get an answer. Let’s get to fucking and we’ll call them in the morning! Baby, break out the whipped cream! Time for a “hot fudge” sundae – with nuts!

JACKI: (Giggle) Just call us desserts!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Crime Doesn't Pay... but...


Alvin Slater stood to make millions by helping the mob run drugs into the US, but he worried about the way a life of crime would affect his sons if he was jailed or died – could even their lives be in jeopardy?

“You did the right thing, Al,” said the DEA agent who promised that the feds would take care of keeping him, Tommy , and Joe safe.

Karma sometimes is a bitch – but this time being a bitch was good karma. The boys resisted the new female identities – until they realized, along with “Mom” – that being pretty sexy blondes brought them closer, and made them all very popular!

Angie now has her lover, a hunky tycoon, under her spell – and she plans on teaching her daughters how to get ANYTHING they want from a guy. Tiff and Jules will soon be stealing hearts and making men quiver – and it’s all perfectly legal.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Curse of Sister Irina


Raising three sons in the wake of his wife’s sudden passing was rarely easy for Eric Barrow, 44. He tried his best to make solid upstanding young men out of Brian (19), Heath (16), and Marc (14), but as the saying goes – boys will be boys.

That is, until they caught the ire of Sister Irina, the eccentric old bat who seemed to despise all men, and the Barrow boys in particular. After Irina caught the lads making fun of some nerdy little girls who were discussing Edward and Jacob and the latest vampire blockbuster, she cast a spell on the three teens, and also cursed the “irresponsible father.” Irina’s curse manifested itself as the family lay sleeping in their beds.

Eric woke up with long raven hair, a pair of full breasts, and was missing something she had the night before. Somehow now wearing a slinky gown, the newly borne Ellen gracefully went down to the family den where three lovely girls – Ellen’s “daughters” Bridget, Hannah and Maya, sat on the couch in their own silky dresses, completely mesmerized by the DVD playing, wanting nothing more than to be the lovely heroine Bella, longing for her forbidden undead love.

Ellen, too, was enraptured, and Irina’s curse was complete. Father and sons were now “bitten” by femininity, and the three sisters – and their mother – had a true “hunger” for the male of the species…

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ORIGINAL CAP-FIC "Family Business" pt 4 Rated NC17 ;)

Family Business


Elliott Kline as

Elizabeth Katz


Joshua Kline as

Jessica Katz

Original Story by

Annabelle Raven

Images by their rights holders

LIZ: While Jess and I had visions of sailing off into the sunset with two dreamboats, the truth was that because of our in-between gender status, they didn’t see a future as our husbands – but rather as two boy-girls to fool around with. What is it with MEN?

JESS: No shit Mom. I mean, why is having a va-jay-jay so important? Hello, you fucked us in the ass, and you were LOVED it – hell, maybe we should have returned the favor!

LIZ: I guess at some point those guys got worried that what they were doing was “gay”. Which is crazy – do I look like (holds her breasts) a man? Ever seen Janet Reno – now that’s a man with a… you know…. sorry for the icky visual honey...

JESS: Ewww, gross… but more important than being ditched to the curb like two skanks – we were running out of MONEY!

LIZ: Sadly, the trust fund your great Aunt Miriam set up for me was starting to deplete – CD rates stink, and the market’s been horrid. And somebody was being pretty outlandish with her spending habits..

JESS: So says the woman who practically brought the Italian economy back from ruin. Care to tell them how many Vitton bags you acquired this month alone?

LIZ: They were on sale – just like those Jimmy Choos you bought. By the way, Carrie Bradshaw called to say you have an obsession with designer shoes. (giggle)

JESS: Touché, mama. Anyhoo – we had some pretty scary credit cards bills. Mom’s secretary income wasn’t going to be able to support our spending, travel, rent, and eventually, I’d have to start paying back some student loans!

LIZ: Then out of the blue – it was that letch Stewart. I wanted to hang up on him, but he then said he had a business proposition for Jessica and me. We listened.

JESS: That Saturday, we pampered and dressed for an evening under the stars. Meanwhile, I’m asking Mom if she really wants to go through with this.

LIZ: I did have my concerns, especially because I still didn’t completely trust Stewart – but giving us a $5000 up-front advance in cash helped smooth over sore feelings. And allowed us to pay some bills – OK, so we made one tiny trip to the mall.

JESS: And like with all of our misadventures, I felt no shame in being a man’s paid escort for the night. Especially if he was cute, rich – and hung!

LIZ: You’re packing a lot in YOUR panties,my little momellah! Actually we both are – and who knew that guys would actually pay big bucks to spend a night with a couple of good Jewish trannys like us?

JESS: They were so sweet coming to pick us up with flowers, and they were dressed so welll. And then we realized that they were both named George J------ ; they were FATHER and SON! When we realized that fun fact, I still looked at Mom and we nearly died of laughter! How ironic is that?

LIZ: No kidding – but they were definitely two sides of the same coin – both of them had nice hard dicks for riding, and lots of stamina. Well Junior did outlast his father, who dozed off. Which is why he got the Katz Kitten double special – two brown eyed babes with schlongs in our panties! And at his tender age, he had the necessary stamina!

Monday, July 19, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Super Saints Sex Change Story


Dennis LeFleur (35) and his nephew Evan (20) are New Orleans natives and passionate Saints fans. Last year, these formally burly longshoremen made a deal via a local voodoo queen that if their team could finally win the Super Bowl, they’d give up their… well, you can see what they gave up, and got in return were two sexy female bodies and identities as Delores and niece Eliza.

Our new heroines winced in shame as they made their debut as exotic dancers at the hottest gentleman’s club in the Quarter. But after the Saints beat the Colts and the Big Easy had the wildest Mardi Gras of all time, both former men lost all their inhibitions; they went topless for beads, partied for days, and had more hook-ups than Drew Brees did with his receivers! They loved their hot new bodies and they loved being women together!

The voodoo queen sighed. That fall, lots of guys, including many fathers, sons, and even a few grandpas had made similar deals with the devil. Now N’awlins had a Super Bowl champ and a lot of sexy new Saints fans! God help everyone if the team repeats as champs in 2011

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - My Father is Going to Steal My Boyfriends!

My Father is Going to Steal My Boyfriends!

It’s not that Lochan “Lon” Mehra didn’t want to see his father Rajesh “Raj” (47) happy. They both grieved the loss of their beloved mother and wife, and they both were devoted to operating Atmaja’s Desi themed boutique. Atmaja always thought that Lon had a natural girlishness to him, so she had made him up as Lakshmi, and at age 21, Lea was as beautiful as any Bollywood goddess and it seemed that hundreds of men had asked for her hand in marriage.

One day, Raj decided to join Lon in the back room where Attie had done her magic. Now Lea had a new Maa, and Ramani “Rae” shared Lea’s soft features and bedroom eyes. Now both of them were getting a lot of male attention, and yes, Lea was a little jealous, but being girls, she was now closer than ever to her parent, and both her and Rae both had plenty of handsome rich men to flirt with and dress sexy for! They both dream of donning wedding sarees!

The Pageant Chapter 2.5: Whatever Happens In Vegas CONCLUSION