Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A very special 200th post caption :)

This Week In Family Tradition His2Her-story!

June 30, 1953

Battle Creek, Michigan

Six months after news broke of Christine Jorgensen’s amazing “sex change,” Edward “Eleanor” Willis gave his son Blake a few honeymoon pointers.

E: Now sweetie, make sure you have a nice hot dinner ready every night when your man comes home. And don’t forget, I’m looking forward to becoming a grandmother, Barbara.

B: Ummm, Mom, about that, you see, I think it’s not possible…

E: Oh pish posh. Just remember to always buy him boxers and not briefs. And remember, think pink when you’re having…

B: Mother, this is 1953. It’s a new, amazing modern era. But I think the day where a sissy-boy like you and me can get pregnant is a the day men walk on the moon!

E:Maybe some day a man – dressed as a woman – will!

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